Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Teething, new glasses & flu shots and its only Tuesday!

Tripp has been a little crabby lately which is not like him. I am blaming it on the fact that he is getting some new teeth. He walks around with his fingers shoved way back into his mouth and is a drooling machine.
So, besides the Motrin and Tylenol, a little Cool Whip with food coloring does wonders! He was quiet and happy for over a half an hour. He was a total mess, but it was well worth the clean up!

Here is Cash Man, or Geo as he likes to be called now.
Its a little weird, but he really responds to it. He will do almost anything I ask him as long as I ask "Geo" to do it, not Cash.
Geo is a little boy from a new show they are into called Umi Zoomi.
Riley even calls him Geo.
Cracks us up.
everyone says "Geo" looks just like his dad...Little Miss Riley has had some eating issues lately. Really? I mean, isn't she a little young to be starting this obsession with food. Actually, there are a lot of foods she will not even allow to touch her plate. Unless you are a waffle, french toast stick, sausage, Pizza Hut or Jerry's pizza, or a smoothie...stay away! But, I did find a recipe from the Sneaky Chef that she loves!!!
Rainbow Pancakes...or Sprinkle Pancakes as Riley calls them.

They have cottage cheese, wheat germ and rolled oats in them. Well, and some sprinkles, but she loves them! All my kids love them. They ask for them often and I am so thankful that I can finally get something a little healthy into this little girl's diet. Thank you to the Sneaky Chef!

Today it was so nice out! I had a few errands to run so I thought it would be best to get them done in the morning while the kids were all in good moods. You know, cause who knows how they will be after (and IF I should say) they take a nap.

I was wrong.

Our first errand was to pick up Riley's new glasses. She cried and whined the entire way to the shop. Once we got there, she did not want her new glasses on. She kept telling the lady that they were too big. She was just a mess, but she got them fitted and we were off.

We were going to Costco and Riley cried the entire trip there too. I should have known, but I really needed wipes so we had to risk it. She wasn't too bad in Costco though.

So we were on our way home and again, crying.

Crying because she wanted her barrette back in that she had taken out for the 20th time, crying because she dropped her water, crying because her eyes were wet from crying and she wanted them wiped. Ugh.

We were almost home and I drove by the Health Department. I still needed to get the kids their 2nd H1N1 dose so I pulled in. Gutsy, I know, but I just keep saying I will do it later. So I just decided today was the day.

Bad, bad, bad idea.

And hello, nurse from the Health Deparment, my kids are only two. They don't know what "snuff your nose" means and it wouldn't kill you to show a little compassion. I mean, do you think that I WANTED to bring in 3 kids under 3 years old, by myself, to get shots?! I didn't bring them in to make your day worse. I did it because I had to and I know you were there because you had to be, but it wouldn't hurt to smile and try to help me out a little. Even if they weren't my own kids, I'd like to think I would still find them kinda cute anyway?! Maybe not, I don't know. I'm just saying.

At least Tripp was happy most of the day. Thank you Motrin. And he even got a shot, not that mist up his nose. The mist is way worse than the shot though, that is according to my kids anyway.

We finally got home, everyone took naps and then we decided to color our eggs for Easter.
This reminds me of this one time when my mom wasn't watching...


After we finished the eggs, we played outside for awhile. It has been so nice out this week and it is supposed to be almost 80 degrees tomorrow!

Ahhh...she is happy! And here are her new glasses that her dad picked out. He did a good job I think.

We even grilled hot dogs and ate out on the deck!

So great!

We might try to visit the Easter Bunny tomorrow.

All depending on how brave I am feeling in the morning of course!


  1. Bless your heart! After the morning you had, you still did Easter eggs. Super mom! I love Riley's glasses. They look great on her. Hope today is a better day :)

  2. What a fun update, Rachel! Your story about Riley cracked me up- reminded me of Andrew going from one thing to the next...he makes my head spin! I have NO CLUE how you do it with 3! Oh, and I MUST have the recipe for the sprinkle pancakes! Are they easy?
    PS- That pic of Andrew flipping pancakes DOES look like Craig! Andrew is his mini me! Ha!

    Jen, Craig & Andrew