Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Drew Turns One!

We started off the day trying to get a couple pictures of the birthday girl, or "grill" as Tripp calls her.

Cupcakes from Grandma and Grandpa...

Drew took about a 4 hour nap and at 7:30 pm she finally woke up for her party.  She is getting 4 teeth so I think that is what has been making her so miserable lately.  She is still a happy baby despite her pain!

We got her all ready for her first birthday cake...

She liked all the singing and then I lit the candle...

She reached right for the flame and I grabbed her hand quickly and said "no!"...a bit too loudly I guess.  It scared me and I didn't want her to burn her little finger.
What I did do is traumatize my one year old for the rest of the night.
She screamed like I have never heard her scream.
She wanted out of that chair and wanted that cake far away from her.
We would try her cake again a couple more times throughout the night and each time she would cry and try her best to get away from it.
So sad.

She was still crying when we tried to switch gears and open presents.

She was a little miffed at Tripp too cause he kept trying to take over all her new loot.

Here she is opening her present from Liz, Cole and Reagan.  She latched onto Liz for the rest of the night since she had not scared her half to death.

The next day Drew was finally in a good mood and able to enjoy all her new toys.
She loved them all!

All the kids did...

She was having a great day after her first birthday!

And then we tried the cake again...

Guess she'll be having wedding cookies when she gets married.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Catch Up Part 2

Piggy Tails...
 First snow of the season!  We didn't get a lot, but the kids were super excited.

 Definitely not good snow for sledding, but they were determined!

 11 months old!

 More attempts at a group photo...

Drew met Santa for the first time!  She did pretty good and didn't seem to be too afraid of him.

We took the kids to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop.
We pass that store whenever we drive down 35 and you can see it right off the interstate.
So now every time we drive by, Tripp says "There's the fish store!  That's where Santa libs (or lives)."
Pretty cute.
Riley told him she wanted a rocking horse and Cash said he wanted Spiderman in a boat.  Tripp wanted Spiderman!

We had to put Cash in bed with Darin so I could play Santa.  I think this picture is funny because Darin is literally holding onto Cash because he was afraid he would fall asleep and Cash would come downstairs while I was working my magic.  Well, me with the help of my mom and dad.  Thank goodness my dad was here to put together all those toys!

Christmas morning!

Checking to see if Santa and Rudolph got their treats.

Christmas socks!

Ummm...this is just funny.  Even more funny if you know Grandpa Mel.

No snow so we got in a little football!

Tripp all worn out with his new bestie, Spiderman!