Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Had my sono this morning. They are predicting the baby between 9-10 lbs. It was measuring at 9 lbs 3 oz during the sono, but they could be off by +/- a pound.
They also said this baby has a lot of hair.
So not too big, I mean, compared to Tripp anyway.
They said I might be measuring so big because, along with this being a bigger baby, I have a lot of fluid. I guess if you have 25 grams (I think its grams) of fluid that is considered a lot. I have 24 grams.
So big baby, lots of fluid may be why I am so huge and uncomfortable.
We will see in a week I guess!!!
Come on January 6th!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

I finally am getting to my Christmas post! We have been busy here, but we had a great Christmas and have a lot of our things unpacked!
Here are some pictures of our Christmas and the highlights!!!
*On Christmas Eve we made sugar cookies. I was really hesitant to do this considering I am about to pop and the last thing I wanted to do was make a huge mess that I was going to have to clean up, but we did. The kids had fun. They did them all themselves and did a pretty good job. They would cut really thick cookies and then some really thin ones. The thin ones obviously were a little burnt when they came out of the oven, but most were edible. They had a lot of fun so that was all that mattered. Tripp was only interested in eating the dough!
*On Christmas Eve Cash asked me if Santa was going to put presents under the tree in his room or the tree downstairs. I asked him which tree he wanted me to tell Santa to leave the presents under and he said "Not my room, mom. He can stay downstairs." I think something about someone he didn't know walking around his room while he was sleeping kinda creeped him out. Even if it was Santa.
*Cash also asked me about the Elf on the Shelf. I reminded him that the Elf told Santa if they were being good or bad. Cash asked "Can he talk?" When I said yes, he said "I don't want to hear him talk, mom." Again, he was a little creeped out.
*Cash and Riley got trees for their rooms this year. Riley had a pink tree that was really cute. I wished I had taken a picture, but I only took one with my cell phone and I can't get onto the computer. Tripp had a Santa with a Christmas tree wall cling that he loved to look at. Maybe he'll get a tree next year!
*We left Santa milk and cookies...chocolate milk by Cash's request. Santa left them a note to read in the morning when they woke up. Cash was very excited about that!
*Riley LOVED her pony! Everything she got was something to do with ponies. She kept giving her pony hugs all day.
*We were up at 5 am! Since we moved the kids don't sleep very late at all. Cash was the first one up. We tried to get him to go back to bed, but he snuck downstairs and saw all the toys, came running back to our room and told us that Santa left him a dragon castle and we had to come down right now!
*Tripp loved his basketball and his baseball. He carried them around all day.
*Aunt Sarah and Grandpa Mel were here to spend the holiday with us which was fun.
*We did pretty good this year considering we were searching the boxes in the basement for some of the presents the night before. We never did find the stocking holders or our ornaments, but we got the tree up with lights and at least found the stockings!
*I had a mimosa!!! =) Pretty sure this baby handled it alright. Went to the doctor earlier in the week and I was measuring at 49 1/2 weeks. I am huge and feel every bit of it. I have a sono tomorrow to see if this kid has packed on some serious pounds here in the last few weeks or if its just simply...I just got really big this time. Not that I was small with either of my other pregnancies, but this baby seems to stick straight out or something. Just can't figure it out.

Hope everyone else had a very merry holiday!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moving Day Drama

Our move with 3 kids 3 years old and under, a mom 3 weeks away from giving birth and a dad who just had surgery 2 weeks before, went pretty well. We did have a few set backs. Just wanted to get them written down so one day we can look back and laugh.
~Darin told the movers we had about 90 boxes. We probably really had at least 130-150. So when they got everything on their inventory list, they said they were done. That left Darin with having to scramble to get a Uhaul. He made 3 different trips with a full Uhaul that he packed and unloaded by himself. He did have the help of our friend, Tom for a couple hours on evening. Rough day for Darin, but at least he had Tuesday and part of Wednesday to make sure he got everything. Needless to say, he was pretty sore and tired.
~The first night we spent in our house, Riley locked herself in her room and we couldn't get the door open. We used the key and bent it so that wasn't working. We finally figured out that you can pull the door handles up and they don't lock, but you do have to perform a little magic to get them open. Nice if you want to keep the kids out of a room. Not so nice if you are trying to get them out. We got it under control now though!
~The couple who bought our new house wanted our washer and dryer so we ordered a new set. Our laundry room is upstairs off of our closet which I love! We found an awesome GE washer and dryer on sale at Home Depot that were supposed to be delivered on December 18th. I called on December 18th to see what time they were doing to be delivered. They called me back to tell me that they were back ordered until January 11th! I called Darin to tell him the good news. He promptly called HD back to tell them that that wasn't acceptable. They can't tell us we would have our washer and dryer on one day and then call us that day to tell us that we would have to wait a month to get them. Neither of us had time or energy to be setting of for a laundry mat every day which is how often we would have to go to keep up with the dirty stuff.
They finally settled on giving us the floor models with $100 off. They had the washer and dryer dropped off a couple hours later...curbside
Called Darin to tell him more good news. Darin called HD again to tell them that was unacceptable. We paid for a new washer and dryer to be delivered and set up, not dropped off curbside.
After some negotiating, HD sent over two guys to get the washer and dryer upstairs in the laundry room.
Thank you Lord.
Darin came home from work. They had hooked up the washer, but not the dryer because there was not a 4 prong cord. Darin had to run back to HD to get the 4 prong instead of the 3 prong.
He came home and hooked up the dryer.
We were so excited to have that done, we decided to go out to eat! =)
Darin was going to start a load of laundry before we left, but I told him he should probably wait, just in case.
Thank you Lord, again.
We got home, put the kids to bed and started some laundry.
I was sitting on the couch and heard water coming from somewhere.
Darin ran upstairs to find our laundry room flooded and then the water started coming through the ceiling into the bathroom on our main level. I checked the basement and it was coming through the ceiling down there too. Thankfully, it was going right into the drain and wasn't getting to any of our boxes.
We made a mad scramble to start soaking up all the water with all the dirty clothes we had.
There was so much water coming through the ceiling that it shorted out the fire alarm which started going off. It went off for about 20 minutes and was very loud. I couldn't believe the kids didn't wake up. Tripp was actually still up. I went into his room to see if he was scared and he just looked at me and said "hi mom". Not scared.
Finally the alarm shut off and we got the water cleaned up.
Darin checked the washer to see what had happened. The drain to the washer wasn't hooked up. Can you imagine what would have happened if we would have started a load before we left to go eat?
Thank you, thank you Lord.
Lesson learned...stick to Nebraska Furniture Mart for our future purchases. HD...while they tried to be accommodating, did not turn out well for us.
~Got a new fridge...from NFM. They delivered on time, moved our old fridge and hooked up the new one. I was getting all the food put back in and I couldn't get the freezer to shut. Here I am on the floor with my huge belly trying to figure out what was wrong with the fridge. I tried for a half hour and finally called Darin again. I about had a breakdown because of the stupid freezer, but I had had it.
Had it with all the unpacking, the moving, the kids not taking naps, the disorganization, the people coming over to install the phone, the Internet, the alarm system, the cable, all the deliveries.
I was done.
So Darin heard the distress in my voice and came home on his lunch break and got the freezer figured out.
So those were our obstacles we faced while moving. Nothing too major, but enough to cause some good amount of stress. I mean, I don't know what we were thinking moving at this time in our lives, but the time came, so we did it!
We are in now, mostly unpacked to where we can live comfortably.
Getting ready for Christmas. We have to still find a box of our presents for the kids that is hiding somewhere in the basement.
Getting ready for the baby too!
I think its a girl.
Its gotta be because I know where all my girl clothes are. The boy clothes seem to be hiding from me.
They are hanging out in the basement with the Christmas presents.

Monday, December 20, 2010

This & That

Cash had a little accident so I sent him upstairs to get some new underwear and pants. This is how he came back downstairs. He obviously got into my drawer and was trying on my socks. He liked these because they have toes in them...and he put them on all by himself. It was pretty funny when he came walking downstairs like this... So, like I said before, Cash and Riley had their Christmas program on the day we moved. Here is a couple pictures.
Riley eventually stopped crying and even smiled for a picture after their program was over. Poor little girl. I think she was tired and I am not sure she does very good when she has an audience watching.
Since we moved the kids do not take naps, they get up at the crack of dawn and they don't go to bed until they are going to drop over because they are so tired. This day they both fell asleep on me while we were watching Frosty the Snowman. It was pretty cute, but it made for a rough evening. A 1/2 hour nap at 5:30 pm is never a good idea I have come to realize.
Each of the kids now have their own rooms. Cash was a little worried the first night about not sleeping with Riley. He said "Mom, I can't sleep by myself. Where is Riley? Riley needs to sleep with me." It was sweet, but I tried really hard to keep them in their own rooms. They actually did really well. We had to leave their doors open and the hall light on, but they spent their first night in the new house, in their own beds. They did the second night as well. The third night, Riley said that she was scared. She wanted her light on. I am not sure why since she has a Christmas tree in her room that you can probably see from the street its so bright. We put her in bed and she fell asleep. She obviously got up at some point and jumped into bed with Cash. Awww...again, it was really sweet. The little buddies just miss each other. I hope they always go to each other when they are scared like they do now.
Just wanted to get a few pictures up before I have a million more for Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Program

The Johnson family has been very busy over the last week or so. We moved into our new house!!! Its awesome and we are very excited to have more room. I will have to do a post on our moving experiences with three little ones when I have a little more time.

For now I just wanted to get this video up for the Grandparents! I am thinking others may find it a little is 5 minutes and I am not the best videographer around, but its cute Grandparent material!

Cash and Riley go to Kids Day Out one day a week. The teachers worked with them to put on a little show. They sang about 4 songs and it was pretty cute.

This is what you should watch or listen for...

Riley cried the entire time. She was crying when her class walked into the sanctuary and never stopped. She didn't sing a note and pretty much had her back to her audience the entire time.

Cash sang a little and did some of the hand movements. Then he kept pulling up his shirt and showing everyone his belly. You can hear me tell him to put his shirt down once I caught his eye. He tried it a couple more times with that "am I gonna get in trouble for doing this or is this funny?" look on his face. I don't know if its on there or not, but he kept waving to us and saying "hi mom, hi Sarah, hi Tripp!" and wouldn't stop until he got a hi back.

Tripp of course was there too. When he saw Cash and Riley he just kept waving and saying hi to them...loudly...while the other parents were trying to listen to their kids sing. It was cute, to me anyway.

I felt bad that Darin couldn't make the program so I taped it for him. We were actually moving on the same day so he didn't get to go. I told him he didn't really miss much, but when I watched the video of their first Christmas program again I realized that he just might have missed out on a lot. Little buddies are getting big!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Luminary Walk

My sister, Sarah has moved to KC! She has been helping us out quite a bit lately with watching the kids and stuff like that which is nice! I feel a little spoiled with some family around to help when I need it! Anyway...Friday night we took the kids to the Luminary Walk at the Overland Park Arboretum which is where we had Cash and Riley's Baptism.
It was so cute. They had every inch of this mile long path lit up with candles and white lights. They had a kid zone which had colored lights, a little gingerbread house, free apple cider and carolers. They had fire pits along the path if you needed a break, more carolers, hot chocolate and different Christmas displays.
The kids really loved it. Riley kept saying that all the light were just beautiful.
A little break time...

Riley liked the snowflakes on this tree.
This was the start of the kid zone. This little tunnel was covered with colored lights, but I had my camera set in black and white. They had a path that was all lit up for the kids to follow too. Tripp wouldn't go through it. Cash and Riley got about halfway and wanted out, but they finished it out. I think Riley just got a little scared.
The gingerbread house with a train inside.
The kids got to see Santa too. Cash told him he didn't want rocks, he wanted a rocket ship. Riley told him she wanted a purple pony. Then they got a little treat from Santa. He gave them fruit snacks!
And this is all the closer little Tripp man would get to the big guy. He wanted no part in the whole Santa deal, until he saw the fruit snacks. Even then, he would just reach for them, but still didn't want to get too close to Santa!
It was a fun evening and I am so glad I made it! Walking a mile, up and down little hills and pathways at 8 months pregnant is no fun, but I did it and we all had fun!

Monday, November 29, 2010

What we've been up to...

We made it to Iowa for little Josie's Baptism!
We decided to break up our trip on the way there by stopping in Des Moines on Friday night. We went out to eat and then had a "slumber party" at the hotel. Tripp slept in his pack and play which is probably the last time he will sleep in that thing. Thank goodness its a twin pack and play so its bigger than the regular ones or he really wouldn't have fit in it!
Cash slept with Darin and I got the pleasure of sleeping with Riley. We figured that if we each slept with one of the kids, we'd have more room. Well, we were wrong. Riley might be one of the biggest bed hogs ever! I woke up once to her feet on my chest and every time I would move her over, she would yell at me in her sleep! But, she would say "Dad, don't touch my dog!" or something like that. She never yelled at was always her dad's fault! =)
We got up early Saturday, ate and then got on the road. We had a mission to be at least in Cedar Falls by 11 am because the Michigan game was on. We made it with just a minute to spare. Darin got to watch his game and the kids got to play with Becca and "Livy" as Riley calls her.
Good to be out of the car!
Sunday was Josie's Baptism.
Darin and Rachel's sister in law, Roseanne were the Godparents.
The priest was great...well, what little I got to enjoy of him. I spent most of the time out in the foyer with my children.
Before church started, Tripp made his way up to the altar. He was bound and determined to get one of the pumpkins that were on display. The Priest nicely told him that he could have one after mass, but that didn't set well with little Trippy and we had to take him out.
There were more pumpkins in the foyer for him to enjoy.
So, since 2 out of my 3 children couldn't handle mass, these are all the pictures I was able to get.
Rosie and Darin with Josie.
After our weekend, my parents came back to KC with us to celebrate Thanksgiving. We also had Christmas with them since they won't be coming back until I have the baby in January. The kids got a lot of presents and were very spoiled!
Cash loves to look at himself in this picture. He had the Santa wig on and he thinks it is pretty funny!
"Papa" and Tripp.
Darin broke out the Santa costume!
Tripp was a little scared of him all dressed up like that.
Playing with toys...
Opening more toys...

Riley was very excited to get some new ponies!
So our Thanksgiving/Christmas was a fun day. Darin spent the morning cooking, the kids played and the rest of us got to relax.
It is really nice to have a husband that likes to cook!
The rest of our week was spent running some errands and doing things like that.
I am trying to get everything ready for this move, Christmas and the baby. I have just about everything on my list checked off so that is nice.
Took Tripp in for his 2 year check up.
He weighs 35 lbs and is 37 in tall.
The doctor said that he looks great.
I also took Cash in with me to get checked out. Turns out he had bronchitis so they put him on some antibiotics.
They weighed him too...38 lbs. Only 3 lbs more than Tripp!
I found a home for our cat too which is exciting. Giving her up was a little more emotional than I thought it was going to be. Riley started crying and Cash kept saying "I miss my cat."
She is in a good home though where she is getting a lot of love and attention. My friend that took her in posts pictures of her on facebook so that we can see how she is doing. I think we made a great choice. I will tell you that after all the animals Darin and I have had between the two of us, it is strange not to have any animals in this house!
So now it is on to packing up the rest of our things and getting ready to move in a couple weeks! Two more weeks and we will have a new house!
Six more weeks and we will have a new baby!
Crazy, exciting times for the Johnson Family!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


We sold our house!!!
We are super excited. This has been a busy, stressful few weeks for the Johnson family, but we made it!
Our realtor came over last night, we signed the papers and she put up our sold sign.
Now, pending no major disasters, we will be moving into our new house on December 14th.
Nothing like moving, the holidays and having a new baby over the next month and a half to make the time fly by.
Luckily, I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done and I have just a few things to get for the baby.
Oh, and I need to find a new home for my cat so if there are any takers out there... Today we squeezed in a dentist appointment. Between the many fruit snacks my kids eat and the number of nights I forget to brush their teeth, I was surprised to hear that they were all members of the zero cavity club! Obviously they are members, not due to my stellar parenting job, but because they have good teeth! Here is to hoping that stays that way!
Cash and Tripp did a great job with getting their teeth cleaned. Riley was a little more challenging. She wouldn't open her mouth and they had to do the "knee to knee" position with her which is what they usually do with kids Tripp's age.
She is a stubborn one.
I told the nurse "good luck" as she took her back and obviously she needed it.

Off to Iowa this weekend for my niece, Josie's Baptism. I am really not supposed to travel at this point in my pregnancy, but the doctor said I should be fine. Darin is the Godfather also so we would hate to miss it.
Between me and the kids and all our bathroom breaks, this 5 hour trip should only take maybe 6 or 7.
We will see!!!