Saturday, December 4, 2010

Luminary Walk

My sister, Sarah has moved to KC! She has been helping us out quite a bit lately with watching the kids and stuff like that which is nice! I feel a little spoiled with some family around to help when I need it! Anyway...Friday night we took the kids to the Luminary Walk at the Overland Park Arboretum which is where we had Cash and Riley's Baptism.
It was so cute. They had every inch of this mile long path lit up with candles and white lights. They had a kid zone which had colored lights, a little gingerbread house, free apple cider and carolers. They had fire pits along the path if you needed a break, more carolers, hot chocolate and different Christmas displays.
The kids really loved it. Riley kept saying that all the light were just beautiful.
A little break time...

Riley liked the snowflakes on this tree.
This was the start of the kid zone. This little tunnel was covered with colored lights, but I had my camera set in black and white. They had a path that was all lit up for the kids to follow too. Tripp wouldn't go through it. Cash and Riley got about halfway and wanted out, but they finished it out. I think Riley just got a little scared.
The gingerbread house with a train inside.
The kids got to see Santa too. Cash told him he didn't want rocks, he wanted a rocket ship. Riley told him she wanted a purple pony. Then they got a little treat from Santa. He gave them fruit snacks!
And this is all the closer little Tripp man would get to the big guy. He wanted no part in the whole Santa deal, until he saw the fruit snacks. Even then, he would just reach for them, but still didn't want to get too close to Santa!
It was a fun evening and I am so glad I made it! Walking a mile, up and down little hills and pathways at 8 months pregnant is no fun, but I did it and we all had fun!

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