Monday, September 28, 2009

Flu Shots, Pizza & Football!

So we had a good weekend! We are all feeling better and ventured out to get our flu shots. We stood in line for about 45 minutes only to go up the elevator to find another line of about 30 minutes. In Darin's words, we decided to "punt" or leave and get the shots at another time. Crazy. The family in line in front of us had 7 kids and she was pregnant. They looked as though the oldest may be around 16 or so and the youngest was around 3. Busy family, I would imagine. The parents looked really young too!

We ended up just going to CVS to get our shots. Darin took Cash & Riley to get their shots while Tripp was napping. They didn't even cry so I was glad. I sent Darin armed with two suckers in the event that they had a tramatic experience with the shots and Darin couldn't calm them down. Then I took Tripp when he woke up. He ended up not being able to get one because if they are 18 months or younger they have to get the shot at their drs office. So I guess I will get to go back and stand in that nice long line in a couple weeks! At least I won't have to drag C & R there again. Can you imagine trying to entertain two 2 year olds while standing in a hallway for over an hour? Brutal. Oh, and we weren't allowed to bring in our stroller because they anticipated such a big crowd. I like having my stroller so everyone is "contained". That and Tripp is too heavy to hold for such a long time. I really wanted to let him down and he wanted to crawl around on the floor just as badly. That was all I baby crawling around on that nasty floor, probably contracting the very illness we were there to avoid! Anyway, I could go on forever, but I will stop about the flu shots.

We took the kids to Jerry's for some of their favorite pizza. Between C & R they can put away almost an entire medium by themselves. They ate, watched the fish and entertained some of our friends while watching the first half of the Michigan game. Then it was time to head home for a nap.

We were excited to watch the Iowa/Penn State game. It was really the first Iowa game we were able to watch from start to finish since it was a night game, or so we thought. Darin and I both fell asleep before the game was over. The entire time I watched it was 10-5 and Iowa wasn't playing that well so I decided I would rather get some much needed sleep. When I woke up in the morning, Darin told me Iowa actually won! I was excited, but a little miffed that I fell asleep. Oh well, like I am some die hard football fan or something. I do love football season and especially now that it is starting to get a little cooler outside. I am sure we will be enjoying many games on the deck this season!

I have some pictures to post, but I will have to try and get those up later tonight! I have some good ones of my kids and their new love of powdered sugar donuts!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little less Noggin...

and a little more wine!!! Today was a little crazy. I haven't felt that great so I am thinking that my kids may be feeling a little crummy too. They were all asleep by 7:30 so that was one sign that they may not be feeling 100%. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! We will see... Now on to the finale of Big Brother that my mom got me hooked on! Thank you Sue.

Let's try this again...

Cash & Riley coming downstairs after their nap.
Our new stroller...awesome and worth every penny!

Tripp & Cash.

So I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with a blog! I am going to attempt this again though. I just have so many funny stories to share lately. Cash and Riley are getting so big so quickly and they say the cutest things! I have to be better about this...even though nobody really reads these entries!

Cash and Riley are now 2 1/2. They are complete opposites. The perfect example of how opposite they are is the walk they took with their dad the other day. I was going to do a little shopping and Darin was going to keep all three kids home by himself so he figured the easiest thing to do was to put them all in the stroller and take them for a long walk. He said Cash talked the ENTIRE time...they went on a walk for a little over an hour. He never stopped talking. Talking about the trees, the cars, how fast they were walking, what color the sky was, everything! Riley said about 4 words the entire time. She said "bushes. I touch 'em!". She does have the vocabulary and does talk a lot at times. She just brings out her talkative side for "special" occasions I guess.

Here are a few "funnies" that have occured over the last few weeks that I have to share.

I was putting C & R to bed the other night. I was putting a diaper on Cash and I said "did you toot?". He said "no, I puddle!". (Toot and Puddle is a show they watch on Noggin. ) I started laughing and Cash said "mama, I made you happy!". It was so cute.

Cash asked me for a cookie the other day and I said "how 'bout no." He said "how 'bout yes?".

I was walking through Wal-Mart with Riley the other day. She would scream at the top of her lungs, look at me with a smile and say "we loud!".

Tripp is 10 months old. He is crawling. Well, he kind of drags himself across the floor. He uses one leg and the other leg just kind of comes along for the ride. Its pretty cute. He is into everything just like his sister. He is "talking" a lot and he loves his brother and sister. He gets so excited when he sees them in the morning.

That's about it around here. Can't believe Tripp will be one in just a couple months! Already planning his party which is always fun for me. I have to try not to get too crazy!