Sunday, September 19, 2010


A little late getting these up, but better late than never.
Darin has always been a fan of getting out to the local high school football games. He took Cash out to some last season. This season he has braved taking both Cash and Riley.
They have went every Friday since this season started and they love it. I think Riley just likes going because of the hot dogs. She always likes her hot dogs cut up and home and wants nothing to do with a bun, but at the football game, she likes to eat it in the bun and, according to Darin, she chows it!
Its nice for me when they go. Tripp and I just hang out at home. I think I may have to go to a couple games in the future as well though because Tripp is starting to get pretty upset when they go and leave him behind.
Here they are before their first game night of the season with their friend, Merak.

Tripp is soooo funny. He just cracks us up all the time. A lot of people have commented on how "intense" he is. His new favorite word to say is chocolate. When he says it he sounds like he has a little bit of a British accent or something. We make him say it a lot because its so cute.

Gotta get up some video of that little guy soon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cash Man

Lately when Cash gets in trouble he will refer to the new baby we are going to have. For instance...if I put Cash in time out, he says "I'm gonna put your baby in time out." Stuff like that.
Cash is also very particular about everything lately. He is picky about his clothes, his food, his toys, etc.
Today he asked me for a banana.
Now, he likes his bananas with the peel pulled down about halfway, no brown spots on his banana and no mushy bananas.
Today, he had the perfect banana.
That is, until it broke in half.
I try to buy smaller bananas so this doesn't happen, but this banana was a little long and it broke in half.
Bad news.
He freaked and refused to eat it. I told him he had to eat it and that I wasn't going to give him anything else to eat until that banana was gone.
That made him pretty mad.
He said "Mom, you broke my banana so I'm gonna break your baby!"
I didn't know if I should laugh and think it was cute or be slightly disturbed.
So I simply told him that wasn't very nice to say, then I ran into the other room to call Darin...because it did make me laugh, but of course I didn't want Cash to know that!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I was making my kids breakfast for dinner the other night. We were having waffles and sausage.
I was standing at the counter, making the waffles and Riley came up to me.
She said "Mom, you are doing a good job making the waffles. You can make everything. You can make waffles and pancakes and muffins. Good job Mom. Gimme a hug."
Made me laugh.
Last night I was sitting on the couch with all three of the kids while Darin was making them dinner.
I was letting them feel my tummy so they could feel the baby kick. I asked them what they thought the baby was going to be. Riley thinks its a girl and Cash is thinking boy.
I asked them what we should name the baby.
These were the names they came up with...
Boots, Dio and Millie.
Then Cash added Geo to the list.
Don't think we will go with any of those fine names.
I do think Millie is cute, but that is what Cash calls Riley all the time so that could get a little confusing! =)
They liked to feel the baby kick, especially Cash. He thought it was pretty funny.
Then they started wanting to see my belly and kept lifting up my shirt.
That is when I had to put an end to all that.
I don't care at home, but I know from previous experience that when little ones want to lift up your shirt to see your belly or belly button out in public, they will expose your tummy somehow.
No matter how much you try to keep it covered.
And there is nobody that needs to see my tummy after those 3 monsters have taken residence.
We went and got all the kids new shoes yesterday. They all went up a size from the last time we bought them shoes which was right before summer started! They are growing so fast. And little Tripp man has huge feet! He didn't really have any options to pick from because he needed an EXTRA wide shoe! Not just wide...extra wide. That kid could be in trouble. We were joking that if he plays football he is going to need a special order helmet. His head is huge too! Just a big kid!!!
Things are going to get very busy in the Johnson house over the next few weeks. We decided to get our house ready to put on the market.
Right now we only have a 3 bedroom and we are looking to find at least a 4 bedroom if not a 5 bedroom. We would also like a finished basement or a set up where the kids would have another area besides the living room to play in.
We will see how it goes. We know it may be tough seems how the holidays are fast approaching. I think we might be a little crazy.
Trying to get our house ready with 3 little kids, a dog, a cat, Darin is traveling pretty much all week over the next 3 weeks and I am 23 weeks pregnant.
And did I mention that my husband is a total pack rat? I am tempted to start going through his stuff and throwing things away while he is at work or out of town! I mean, does he need all those sweaters from the 1980's that I have never seen him wear?!
Just pray for me.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

T Bones

Over Labor Day weekend we decided to take the kids out to the T-Bones game. We have been talking about taking them all summer, but its been so hot. We finally made it though for their second to last game! Darin's dad has been here for a visit so he went with us.
Tripp was loving his frozen lemonade!

The kids had fun. I think they enjoyed all the food and drink more than the actual game, but we were glad we took them!
I guess the end of baseball and this horribly hot weather would mean summer is coming to an end.
I couldn't be more happy about that! I like the cold! Bring on football, sweatshirts and hot chocolate!!!

Kids Day Out

This is the face of one little boy that was not happy about his older siblings going to school without him!

I couldn't believe how mad Tripp was that he couldn't stay and play at school with Cash and Riley. But he was and here is his picture to prove it.

Yep, Cash & Riley started "school" last week. They are going to a Kids Day Out program at a church close to our house. They go one day a week from 9 to 2:30. They were really excited for their first day. They were excited about their backpacks, their lunch boxes and the fact that they are now "big kids". Darin went into work late that morning so he could help drop them off for their first day. It was cute to watch them walk in together with their huge Cars backpacks, holding hands.

We went in and Riley went straight for the play kitchen. When we went for the open house, she was loving their play cupcakes and talked about them constantly after we left. I knew that is right what she was looking for. Tripp joined in too. He loved all the new toys in their classroom.

Cash was excited, but a little worried about us leaving him there. He kept telling me that I could stay and watch them play if I wanted too. He did pretty well, said goodbye and love you. Gave us both a big hug and a kiss.

Then we walked out of the room and as soon as the door shut, Cash came running over, trying to get out. He got the door open right as one of his teachers got to him. Darin told him that we'd be back to pick him up soon and the teacher quickly got him back in the room. Bad deal for us. Darin told me he didn't think dropping them off would be so sad.

My mom and my sister both called to see how it went and I couldn't even talk about it. I tried telling my mom and she started crying! Then I kind of lost it. I just decided not to talk to anyone about it until after I picked them up.

It was only 5 hours that they were gone, but it was still really hard.
They are just getting big so fast!

Now Riley was completely fine with being left at school. She gave her hugs and said her goodbyes without blinking an eye. She was ready to go! It was hard to get her to stop playing for a minute to take a picture! So they made it until 2:30 and got good reports. They were "happy" and "content" during their first day. Can't say that their mom was, but it was the first day. What do you expect? It can only get easier, right?!

Gone Fishing...

A few weeks ago, Darin went out of town on a couple of fishing trips. He was in Canada for a few days and then fished in Grand Rapids, MI. His work sent him for fun. Wish my "boss" would send me on some fun trips like that! Anyway...
After seeing all of Darin's pictures and hearing him talk about his fishing trips, Cash really wanted to go fishing himself.
Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead is in Overland Park, KS. They have everything there! They have a pond where you can get a bucket of worms and a pole and spend the day catching fish. So we decided to take the kids.
They were pretty funny. They caught a lot of fish. We tried to get their pictures holding the fish, but it didn't always work out to well. Once they figured out the fish flopped around while hanging on the line, they wanted nothing to do with them. It cracked me up the first time on of the fish started flopping around as Riley was holding the line. She was a little freaked out at first and then just started cracking up.
I tried to get it on video because it was so funny. If I can find those I will post one. Made me laugh anyway! And again, I have no clue why some of my pictures don't rotate. Drives me crazy, but I had to post them. Just crank your neck a little to see. Sorry!

Tripp and his catch of the day! We were not about to let that little man loose around all those sharp hooks, dirty worms and all that water! He stayed buckled in and content with his goldfish crackers!

One fish got off the line and was flopping around on the deck. Cash was pretty excited about that!
We also had to let them ride the ponies. Poor ponies. It was mega hot out and I felt bad for them, but that was the only thing Riley really wanted to do. She has a pony fascination lately. So...they rode!

We took bottles in to feed the baby goats. We thought this would be something fun for Tripp to do since he was too little to fish or ride the pony.
He wanted nothing to do with those little goats and I ended up carrying him through the pen. He got scared because those things attack you when you go in. They practically rip the bottle out of your hand. Cash wasn't really feeling it either, but Riley liked it. They were crawling up on her and everything and she just laughed.
Riley feeding 4 goats with one bottle. Tripp safely in Mama's arms, away from those crazy goats!
We let them ride the tractors for a little bit and then visit the cow barn. Then we headed home. It was so hot and mom and dad were worn out...but we had a great time!!!