Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kids Day Out

This is the face of one little boy that was not happy about his older siblings going to school without him!

I couldn't believe how mad Tripp was that he couldn't stay and play at school with Cash and Riley. But he was and here is his picture to prove it.

Yep, Cash & Riley started "school" last week. They are going to a Kids Day Out program at a church close to our house. They go one day a week from 9 to 2:30. They were really excited for their first day. They were excited about their backpacks, their lunch boxes and the fact that they are now "big kids". Darin went into work late that morning so he could help drop them off for their first day. It was cute to watch them walk in together with their huge Cars backpacks, holding hands.

We went in and Riley went straight for the play kitchen. When we went for the open house, she was loving their play cupcakes and talked about them constantly after we left. I knew that is right what she was looking for. Tripp joined in too. He loved all the new toys in their classroom.

Cash was excited, but a little worried about us leaving him there. He kept telling me that I could stay and watch them play if I wanted too. He did pretty well, said goodbye and love you. Gave us both a big hug and a kiss.

Then we walked out of the room and as soon as the door shut, Cash came running over, trying to get out. He got the door open right as one of his teachers got to him. Darin told him that we'd be back to pick him up soon and the teacher quickly got him back in the room. Bad deal for us. Darin told me he didn't think dropping them off would be so sad.

My mom and my sister both called to see how it went and I couldn't even talk about it. I tried telling my mom and she started crying! Then I kind of lost it. I just decided not to talk to anyone about it until after I picked them up.

It was only 5 hours that they were gone, but it was still really hard.
They are just getting big so fast!

Now Riley was completely fine with being left at school. She gave her hugs and said her goodbyes without blinking an eye. She was ready to go! It was hard to get her to stop playing for a minute to take a picture! So they made it until 2:30 and got good reports. They were "happy" and "content" during their first day. Can't say that their mom was, but it was the first day. What do you expect? It can only get easier, right?!

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