Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gone Fishing...

A few weeks ago, Darin went out of town on a couple of fishing trips. He was in Canada for a few days and then fished in Grand Rapids, MI. His work sent him for fun. Wish my "boss" would send me on some fun trips like that! Anyway...
After seeing all of Darin's pictures and hearing him talk about his fishing trips, Cash really wanted to go fishing himself.
Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead is in Overland Park, KS. They have everything there! They have a pond where you can get a bucket of worms and a pole and spend the day catching fish. So we decided to take the kids.
They were pretty funny. They caught a lot of fish. We tried to get their pictures holding the fish, but it didn't always work out to well. Once they figured out the fish flopped around while hanging on the line, they wanted nothing to do with them. It cracked me up the first time on of the fish started flopping around as Riley was holding the line. She was a little freaked out at first and then just started cracking up.
I tried to get it on video because it was so funny. If I can find those I will post one. Made me laugh anyway! And again, I have no clue why some of my pictures don't rotate. Drives me crazy, but I had to post them. Just crank your neck a little to see. Sorry!

Tripp and his catch of the day! We were not about to let that little man loose around all those sharp hooks, dirty worms and all that water! He stayed buckled in and content with his goldfish crackers!

One fish got off the line and was flopping around on the deck. Cash was pretty excited about that!
We also had to let them ride the ponies. Poor ponies. It was mega hot out and I felt bad for them, but that was the only thing Riley really wanted to do. She has a pony fascination lately. So...they rode!

We took bottles in to feed the baby goats. We thought this would be something fun for Tripp to do since he was too little to fish or ride the pony.
He wanted nothing to do with those little goats and I ended up carrying him through the pen. He got scared because those things attack you when you go in. They practically rip the bottle out of your hand. Cash wasn't really feeling it either, but Riley liked it. They were crawling up on her and everything and she just laughed.
Riley feeding 4 goats with one bottle. Tripp safely in Mama's arms, away from those crazy goats!
We let them ride the tractors for a little bit and then visit the cow barn. Then we headed home. It was so hot and mom and dad were worn out...but we had a great time!!!

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  1. What a fun time! Looks like a fun place to visit. With your sideways pics- do you edit/enhance them before you upload them? Sometimes when I do that it won't rotate them so I have to revert to the original photo. Doesn't happen when I edit on Craig's computer (he has a better computer!) but on our home computer it doesn't like it when I mess with the photo before uploading. Just a thought to see if that would help you out! :)

    Take care!