Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!

Happy Birthday Grandma!!!
Before you read on...
Here are the rules by Grandma.
These rules are to be followed if you are not a fan of having your picture taken.
Rule #1-You have to smile if its your birthday. Rule #2-Always try to avoid looking directly at the camera.
Rule #3-If they make you smile, just fake it.

Sorry, these are sideways...

Rule #4-Never let them get a picture of you making a face like this, unless you think they can't take your picture because you are on the computer. ( You have to be sneaky when you have a picture hater in the family!)

Rule #5-Do not look at the camera even if you are head butted by a baby. You won't get any sympathy, just a picture of you in the aftermath of being hit.

Come on, she has to look at the camera sooner or later...
Mmmmm...guess not.
Oh nice, the back of the head trick.
She is good folks.
OMG...what is this we have here? She is almost looking directly at the camera and she is smiling!!! Whoever took this picture and cut half her face off has no idea what they have done!!! Ugh. A little cropping and we would have had a good photo!

Rule #6-Remember just because its dark out and you are far away from the picture taker, you are not completely safe. Cameras have zoom lens and a flash!

Rule #7-If little children are involved, you can do your best at hiding your face behind them. They make good blockers.

Rule #8-As children make good blockers, so do blankets. Just be sure to get them up in front of your face before the picture is snapped. Again, be aware of being in the background of photos...be aware of the power of the zoom!

Rule #8-Don't be fooled. They are trying to get baby to look at the camera. Even if baby looks, you don't!

Rule #9-When in a car and you have nowhere else to go to escape being in the picture, get as far away as you can and no smiling.

We hope you have a great day Grandma.

We love you!!!

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