Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trip to Iowa--Time in Des Moines with The Oertli's

With our close family friend, Thomas leaving for Afghanistan, we took one night to meet up with him, his parents and his fiancee. We went to Incredible Pizza which couldn't have been more perfect for my kids. Actually, we all had fun playing the games and collecting all our tickets! We all took turns chasing after the little ones. Laverne pretty much chased around after Tripp the whole night. They really liked this little car ride.

This was the cutest. It was a bowling alley that was the perfect size for little kids. Cash loved it and I wished they had one of these near our house!!!
Sarah took Cash for a ride in the go carts. He was loving it!
Sarah and Thomas playing a little air hockey.
Thomas and Hailey collected all the tickets and picked out all the kids prizes. They picked out the perfect things for each of them. Cash got a Buzz Lightyear, Riley got bracelets and Tripp got a big, inflatable camo bat. Really cute. They also got them some candy which is always a big hit!
Here is a group pic of all of us at the end of the night!
Me, Thomas with Tripp, Mom, Joe & Laverne (Thomas's parents), Hailey (Thomas fiancee), Dad with Riley, Sarah & Cash.
So I wanted to get this post up today. Today was the send off party for Thomas. He will be in Mississippi for a month (I think that is right) and then he leaves for Afghanistan. He has told me twice exactly where he will be, but I can never remember the name of the place. Wherever it is, it is too far away from all of us who love him.
He is a good kid and we will pray for his safe return back to Iowa.
Be safe Thomas!!!

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