Thursday, June 24, 2010

Poor duckie...

I just had to write a little blurb about our experiences at the petting zoo today. Well, it wasn't exactly a petting zoo. More like a petting area at a park. They also had a firetruck and ambulance that the kids could go through.
The firemen were definitely not over friendly or anything. I mean, I think the only reason they uttered any words at all was because Cash stood right in front of them, stared at them and said hi. Tripp also was constantly waving and telling everyone hi. They were not very friendly. Bummer.
Then the petting zoo. It was more like a little playpen that they shoved a bunch of animals into and let a huge group of kids go in and terrorize them. They had a pig, duck, rabbit, baby goat and some chickens. They kids loved it though and kept trying to feed all the animals grass.
I went in with them to make sure they weren't manhandling the animals. I made Tripp stay in the stroller and watch from the fence specifically for that reason. I don't trust that little tank in there with all those tiny, fragile animals.
All the while, the one I shouldn't have been so trusting of was Riley. We were having fun and I was trying to keep an eye out on my two and my friends kids as well. All of a sudden I saw Riley with the duck by the neck. She was trying to get the duck to follow her and the poor thing was just swinging his head back and forth like get this girl off of me!!! I grabbed her quick and got her out of there. Hopefully no one saw the mayhem.
I wouldn't have thought this little situation was very funny, but I know she was just trying to get the duck to come with her and she didn't know she was probably hurting him. All I have to say is that just proves to me that its a good thing that we have a big dog who is very patient with children and a cat that runs when she hears the kids a comin!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank God for Ponyville and Zofran!

Happy Father's Day!!! Darin golfed yesterday so that was his present. He had fun and doesn't get to golf that often so he enjoyed it.
Instead of small group, our Pastor, which I guess he is technically a Father now, preached at the 5 o'clock service so we went to that. It was awesome to hear him speak and be in that environment. He does such a great job of making you really listening to what he is saying. He can make you cry and laugh all within one sentence. The church even had a nursery that we were able to put the kids into which was great! They had fun too.
The big news is Riley wore a dress! Yep, I got her out of her Cars pajamas and into a cute little sundress...with a Cars tattoo on her arm of course. The one thing that made her okay with having the dress on was that Darin told her she looked like an ice cream cone. She liked that. God job Dadda!
We have a new obsession in the Johnson house too. I bought Riley some My Little Pony items off of Craig's List and she LOVES them. She really likes the Ponyville toys the best. She insists on sleeping with most of the toys every time she goes to bed which is a little annoying, but not worth the drama to tell her no.
She plays with them nonstop. She looks at her little Ponyville ferris wheel and, in her little dreamy tone, says "mom, look at all my ponies." It quite possibly might be one of the best purchases I have ever made.
Oh, and if anyone cares...the Zofran works pretty well. I still have some moments, but they are much better. Hopefully only a couple more weeks and this will all be just a bad memory.
Come on 2nd trimester!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My brother finishing the Hy-Vee Triathlon. The only picture I could get on this post and only at the very top. I guess...where it should be, right?! I mean, you'd think the kid could squeeze in a work out or two here and there. Nothing like surrounding yourself with a bunch of really muscular triathletes to make your pregnant body feel really out of shape. But, more on this later. But, good job Adam.
It feels like I haven't posted in a while, but I have my reasons!

First, I can't get my pictures uploaded onto my computer. I guess I have no more space to store them, but I don't want to remove any. I will have to make a trip to Best Buy and see what my options are for photo storage.

I just like pictures to go with my posts. I think it makes it more fun to read. Plus, the grandparents like it!

Secondly, I have been feeling awful most of the day, everyday! I mean, I was pretty nauseous when I was pregnant with Cash and Riley, but that was a twin pregnancy. That is to be expected.

Ugh. This time its just one and still my gag reflex gets going when I even think about making my kids favorite meal of little smokies wrapped in crescent rolls. Yuck. Makes me a little ill just to type that.

Good news is that my doctor gave me a script for some Zofran so we will see if that helps. This baby has to be a girl then right?! I wasn't sick at all with Tripp. And I have heard that you do get more morning sickness (or the all day hungover feeling as I like to call it) when you are pregnant with a girl because you have more hormones in your body. Who knows, just can't wait until this first trimester is over and this goes away...hopefully.

We have been very busy. We had a baby shower for friends of ours. They are expecting their first baby in July and have been trying to conceive for a very long time so that is exciting. We had couples over and kids. It was really hot out so the kids played in the pool, sprinkler and water table out back. Tripp had his first bout with complete exhaustion and just got overheated. He was a mess. Poor little buddy. He was having so much fun and then, wham, he just lost it, was bright red and freaking out! We got him cleaned up, something to drink and laid him in bed for a little while. He was much better after about a half hour. That was rough.

Darin and I went and saw Pink Martini at the Midland.

They were awesome and it was fun to get out and do something "grown-up". We went with Pastor Dave, his wife and his son. Darin and I had went to see PM about 5 years ago when they were in town, but this time I enjoyed the show much more. Last time we went, Darin told me to get dressed up because he had a surprise for me. Well, Darin never does stuff like that so I naturally assumed that that was going to be the night that he proposed to me. He got me all dressed up, drove me downtown, walked me around the corner and I saw Pink Martini on the marquee. Well, I was surprised and tried to be a good sport even though I was expecting something a little different.

So obviously, this time I was more focused on the music and the show itself instead of stewing in the fact that I did not have a ring on my finger. It was much better this time! =)

Last weekend, the kids and I drove to Des Moines to watch my brother in the Hy-Vee triathlon. Well, watch isn't the right word since the thing started at 6 am and I was not about to wake up 3 little ones and take them out in the rain. We cheered him on from the hotel and were just getting down to breakfast when he got back. My mom and dad, my sister and my brother, his wife and their two girls were all there so we had a fun weekend. We spent a lot of time swimming in the pool at the hotel and just hanging out. With half our family living in Virginia, we don't get to do that a lot! It was great.
So now we are home and soon I will buckle down and do the potty training thing. I have procrastinated long enough and I think they are ready.
To be continued...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Short & Sweet

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Ours involved a lot of pool time, grilling out, ice cream and just doing nothing!
The kids were excited to get their pool out in the backyard. Riley even had the idea to put our Little Tykes slide in the pool so we could have our very own water park. Darin and I were wondering how she even knew what a water park was?!
So, that's it. A relaxing weekend and not a single picture was taken. I promise to make up for that in the next couple weeks!
Oh, and by the way, if you haven't tried the new Pretzel M&M'S, I recommend you do. They are pretty great.