Thursday, June 24, 2010

Poor duckie...

I just had to write a little blurb about our experiences at the petting zoo today. Well, it wasn't exactly a petting zoo. More like a petting area at a park. They also had a firetruck and ambulance that the kids could go through.
The firemen were definitely not over friendly or anything. I mean, I think the only reason they uttered any words at all was because Cash stood right in front of them, stared at them and said hi. Tripp also was constantly waving and telling everyone hi. They were not very friendly. Bummer.
Then the petting zoo. It was more like a little playpen that they shoved a bunch of animals into and let a huge group of kids go in and terrorize them. They had a pig, duck, rabbit, baby goat and some chickens. They kids loved it though and kept trying to feed all the animals grass.
I went in with them to make sure they weren't manhandling the animals. I made Tripp stay in the stroller and watch from the fence specifically for that reason. I don't trust that little tank in there with all those tiny, fragile animals.
All the while, the one I shouldn't have been so trusting of was Riley. We were having fun and I was trying to keep an eye out on my two and my friends kids as well. All of a sudden I saw Riley with the duck by the neck. She was trying to get the duck to follow her and the poor thing was just swinging his head back and forth like get this girl off of me!!! I grabbed her quick and got her out of there. Hopefully no one saw the mayhem.
I wouldn't have thought this little situation was very funny, but I know she was just trying to get the duck to come with her and she didn't know she was probably hurting him. All I have to say is that just proves to me that its a good thing that we have a big dog who is very patient with children and a cat that runs when she hears the kids a comin!

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