Wednesday, July 7, 2010

13 weeks!!!

13 weeks!!! I am finally done with my first trimester! Well, I am 13 weeks, going to be 14 weeks on Sunday so I guess I will be done on Sunday. Whatever, the whole morning sickness thing appears to be over which is all I care about! Ugh. That was bad and I couldn't be more happy to be done with that!
We had a good fourth. I took the kids to a parade on Saturday. Darin was flying back from Chicago so he didn't make it. They did really well though and ate a lot of candy! The parade was an hour and a half and could have had a little more "fun stuff" and a little less of the politicians riding around in their convertibles. A few is okay, but after the 16th car, my kids started to lose interest.
On Sunday we took them to Monkey Business to play since it was raining outside, along with just about every other family in KC. It was so crowded, but they had fun. We decided to keep them up to see fireworks, they took a late nap and it was looking good. Then right before 9 pm, it started raining. We were bummed. We drove home and saw a few fireworks from our front porch. It all probably worked out for the better though since Riley wouldn't even come outside once she heard all the racket. She was really scared. Cash loved it though. We ended up just turning on the tv and catching the end of the fireworks out of New York or somewhere. They liked that. We finally got them down at 10:30. I still don't know that they are caught up from that late night!!!
And today, I started potty training Cash and Riley. I know, they turned 3 in April and I am just getting around to it. I have been waiting. Waiting til they seemed ready, waiting til summer, waiting til I felt better...all out of excuses now so I started.
They did pretty well this morning. I mean if being in the bathroom with Cash every 5 minutes is doing well. He had a couple accidents, but he is trying. Riley went in the potty 3 times and had one accident which is a small miracle. She has never gone on the potty and I thought she was going to be impossible! So far, so good. They are napping now so we will see how this afternoon goes.
Tripp is funny. He knows that there are treats in the bathroom for their rewards. He just stands at the door and knocks constantly. For a brief second I thought about potty training him too. Then I gained back my sanity and decided to wait at least a year or two.
Oh, and still no progress on my photo storage issues. Hopefully soon as my camera is bursting with cute photos wanting to be shared!!!

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  1. Isn't potty training SO FUN?!? (NOT!) I am embarassed to say, Andrew isn't trained yet either. It's ok! I'm getting there! It is more me than him. He is ready. I am dreading it. :P Ha! Mostly I'm dreading that we can't go anywhere in public without having to worry about him having an accident. Thinking of myself in Target with a cart full of stuff and Andrew asking to go potty sounds a little like cramping my style! Ha!

    What are the bathroom treats?? Tell me more! I need some ideas. I have been giving him small dollar store things when he goes #2. But we went through those in a hurry, so I will be broke by the time this is all said and done! Plus, then when do they go without getting a treat? (That is Craig's question!) :) Ha!

    Good luck! I plan to start consistently when we get back from Disney next week!