Thursday, July 22, 2010

Almost Friday!!!

Don't ask me what is up with my blog design because I don't know. I was supposed to change my background and everything is all different so I am having a hard time figuring things out. I am tired so it is going to have to stay like this for a little while.
Just a few things I wanted to remember...
The other day I asked Cash if he wanted some more sausage and he looked at me with this kinda, could care less face, shrugged his shoulders and said "Nah, I always ask you for some more lemonade, but you never give me some."
Cash went #2 on the potty for the first time. He was sooooo excited! I had told him that he had to go poop on the potty if he wanted to go to school. Well, naturally he thought that as soon as he did so, he would go immediately to school. He got his backpack on and he was ready. I had to explain to him that school didn't start for a while and he was very upset. He said "awww mom, why did you do that?!" So I have been taking him to my neighbors who has her own home daycare and calling that "Liz's school" and I told him we could go to "Library school" too.
I feel bad, but I just can't take an entire month of him asking me to take him to school. That and he hasn't pooped on the potty since because he said he will do it when he goes to school.
Riley is a girl of few words, but lately has been talking a lot. The other day she took the tv remote away from me and told me that it was "Riley's turn to watch."
She has also pooped on the potty twice, but neither time was with me. She told me today that she would not poop on the potty when I am with her. There is some good news.

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