Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Cash & Riley started kindergarten!
The bus picks them up at 12:10 and whisks them off for the afternoon at Clearwater Creek Elementary.
They love the bus...and I love the bus.  They have a great bus driver named Ms. Deborah who we love.  There is one other little boy that rides the bus with them, the bus has seat belts and it picks them up at the end of our driveway!  I couldn't be happier with my decision to make my little kindergartners, bus riders!
But, I wasn't as comfortable with them riding the bus home with a bunch of big kids so I pick them up after school! =)
Here are some pictures that I tried to get on their first day.
Obviously the sun was a little too bright for them, but they squeezed out a couple smiles!

We got to go in with them on their first day and help them with a project for the first 20 minutes.
It was fun to watch them adjust to their new room and new friends, even if it was just for a short time.
Definitely made this mama feel a little better about leaving her babies at school for the first time!!

They did great, they love Mrs. Fyffe and I couldn't be happier!!!

Riley & Misty

Riles has a new best friend...a horse named Misty.
She loves her horse riding lessons!
She goes on Thursday mornings every week.  She is always asking "how many more times do I have to wake up before I can ride Misty again?".  She has learned so many new things.  She told me that Misty is not just any brown horse, she is a bay horse, which is a color. She is now learning a posting trot, I think that is what its called. 
She just loves it and I am so glad that we are able to fuel her passion.
Darin did say not to get my hopes up because we will never get a horse, but never say never!
Good things come to those who wait.