Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We made it through the party! It did rain, but luckily the bouncer fit on our deck...just barely. It just touched the ceiling and the kids had just enough room to go down the slide and use the stairs to get back into the bouncer. Not ideal, but it worked and they all had fun.

The rocket cakes even looked pretty good. Well, good enough that Cash and Riley knew what they were without me having to tell them. We made Riley's rocket pink just to make them a little different. Besides, it was strawberry cake and you have to have the pink strawberry frosting to go with it!

The kids having a "picnic" while watching the Birthday Balloons episode of Little Einstein's.
Blowing out the candles...

Opening presents with a little help from their friends.
Time for more jumping.

We have officially been partied out this month! Now, my only hope is that these little guys don't think their birthdays are going to last throughout the entire month of April every year!

Friday, April 23, 2010

No Rain!!!

I have been busy making cakes, decorating, Darin has mowed the lawn and I think we will be ready for the party tomorrow. Now we just need everyone to pray for no rain!!! I will be bummed, but I did figure out a way to use the rocket bounce house even if it does rain on our parade!!! Do your rain dances people. Or are those for when you want rain to come? Whatever, do your rain dance that keeps it away. Cash and Riley thank you!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a little video...

Having a camera that records different types of media is a little annoying to me. I am always torn as to weather I should be taking pictures or video. I tried to get a little of both this birthday. I had to "recreate" a few of our moments because of my crazy, obsessive need to get everything on film and in video. I tried.

The things that crack me up about this video are Riley and her little voice telling Cash to make a wish. Cash and his "Elvis lip". Cash and his strong dislike for the crayon candle that is dripping all over his Geo cupcake. They make me laugh.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Cash & Riley...take two!

So Dadda got home and Cash & Riley got to open their other presents. I had gone with a Little Einsteins theme, you know, because just a few short weeks ago...they were obsessed. Now, not so much. They have moved on to bigger and better things like Umizoomi. They were still really excited and loved their present. They each got a Little Einsteins doll of their favorite character and a pair of pajamas.
Cash even went from wanting to be called "Geo" to "Leo", but just for that night. Leo is now a distant memory.
At least Tripp was liking the Annie doll that I scoured to find!
We had our 3rd and final round of cupcakes for the day...with candles this time!
Little birthday hug.
Enjoying their cupcakes. Can't believe they are 3. I don't think Cash believes it either. He tells everyone he's 5. =)
After our cupcake party we got our new bubble machine working and they had so much fun. Wore them out too which is always nice!

It's hard to believe that just 3 years ago this was us...

Can't wait to see what the next 3 years brings!
Happy Birthday Babies!!!

Happy Birthday Cash & Riley...take one!

So April around here is pretty much a birthday month for us! Both of my nieces have April birthdays, our friends Lila and Avery have their birthday the week before Cash and Riley and obviously we have C & R's birthday too.
Its especially fun when you have 3 separate visits from your grandparents so you get 3 separate parties! That is a lot of cake...I mean a lot of frosting because they really just lick the frosting off the cake and then they bail or want another helping. Cash actually asked me to put more frosting on one of his cupcakes so he could "finish" it. Nice try sugar king.
It has also been so nice here. We hit the park a few times and have been playing out in the backyard a lot. Hopefully it stays nice because we are having their party this weekend. I will be bummed if it rains!
Here is my little man enjoying some time at the playground.My dad was up over the weekend for an anesthesia conference he had in KC. It was a quick weekend, but good to have him here. The kids were all so excited to see him.
Birthday celebration with Grandpa Mikey.

Don't worry, this little guy has had his share of cake too. And I can't get this picture to rotate so you'll have to look at it like this. My computer skills continue to amaze...I know.Playing with Grandpa Mike "in the grass" as the kids would say. They had so much fun and he totally wore them out.

This picture cracks me up. Tripp was imitating everything Grandpa was doing. So cute.
Their favorite game was "disappearing" in the tunnel. He only had to do this trick about 10 times with each of them. =)

And today is Cash and Riley's 3rd birthday.
I had the table set up with their cupcakes and a couple presents. They were so excited to see their Milli and Geo cupcakes. They even thanked me for the decorations. Riley said she hoped her balloons didn't fly away to Seattle...too many episodes of Little Einsteins The Birthday Balloons!
They had a cupcake for breakfast and another after lunch. They are very excited to have another with their dad when he gets home from work. We may even let them open another present or two if they are good!

Can't believe they are 3!

Playing with the marble tunnel they got for a present.

An attempt to get a picture of the 3 of them...
I will get the next chapter to their birthday post up later. They are finally up from their nap so I must go. Diapers to change, sunscreen to apply and more frosting to eat!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Avery & Lila!

When I was pregnant with Cash and Riley, Darin and I signed up for a multiples class. During our class we had to introduce ourselves. Darin introduced us as Darin and Rachel, who were pregnant with twins, due in April and as of March 1st, neither of us would have a job!
Darin was taking a package from Ford and I was going to be done with my job as a nanny.
We were a little nervous to say the least.
After our class that night one of the other parents came up to us and introduced himself as Adrian O'Hara. Adrian and his wife, Dominique were pregnant with twins who were due a week before ours. Adrian said that he couldn't imagine not having a job, especially with twins on the way and told Darin to bring him a copy of his resume.
Darin got right on it.
Long story short, Darin got a job with Murphy Hoffman Company and started in May right after the twins were born, thanks to Adrian sending in Darin's resume to a friend.
So, our multiples class brought us together and we have continued to grow in our friendship (in more ways than one) over the last 3 years!
Me with Riley and Cash. Dominique with Avery and Lila.
Lila, Riley and Avery on Valentines Day 2008.

Cash keeping his distance from the ladies!
Cash, Riley, Lila and Avery turn 1!

Summer fun in the pool!
Snack time.
In 2008, Dominique and Adrian added Issac to their bunch and we added Tripp to ours. These little guys are 6 weeks apart.
Here we are with all 6 kids!
Cash, finally glad to have some boys to hang out with!
The girls...
Tripp and Issac.
Which brings us to today, Avery and Lila are 3!
Their birthday party was on Saturday. The kids had a lot of fun playing outside on the Lion jumper. It was such a nice day!
Riley, Lila, Avery and Cash.
Issac and Cash.
The girls and their princess cakes.

Riley and Cash enjoying some princess cake!
My mom came with us to the party. Darin was out of town for the week on his ski trip so Grandma (aka Gwanma) came to stay with us. She lives in Virginia so we really appreciated her making the trip. It is always fun to have the Grandparents around, but really sad when they have to go back home!
Here she is in the background which is one of the only pictures I could get of her. She really doesn't like to get her picture taken so I was trying to be sneaky.
Time for birthday hugs.
Cash and Avery.
Cash and Lila.
After the party we all came home and crashed! We had a great time and can't believe that the kids are getting so big!
Happy 3rd Birthday Avery!
Happy 3rd Birthday Lila!
Happy 3rd Anniversary of becoming parents Dominique and Adrian!
Thanks for your friendship!