Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter...come and gone.

We are off to see the Easter Bunny!!! It was rainy and cold, but we were ready! I actually got everyone to wear jeans which is a small miracle in our house. They weren't real happy about my clothing choices for them, but they gave in after a few small bribes. I COULD NOT persuade Cash to take off that stupid hat though. I guess I shouldn't call it stupid. It's not like he is wearing a Michigan or KU hat 24/7, but even I could do with seeing a little less of Herky these days.

Here he is...the Easter Bunny himself! Now, I didn't blame Riley one bit for not wanting to get anywhere near him. He was a little creepy, I thought anyway. Not quite the cute, little, white bunny I was expecting to see. Cash loved him though. He went right up, gave him knuckles and sat on his knee. Tripp went up and gave him five, but wanted nothing to do with sitting on his other knee. He liked him better from a distance.
Of course the picture takers got a pretty cute picture of Cash sitting on EB's lap with Tripp standing right in the middle of the picture, with his back to the camera, just staring up at EB. I probably would have purchased the $20 picture if Riley had been in it too, but figured that was a little bit much to pay for one picture.
It was really cute though.

This is Riley's do not take me any closer to him unless you want a little reminder of our day at the zoo look.

On Saturday of Easter weekend, we went over to our friend's house for an Easter egg hunt and lunch. My friend from college, Tricia and her husband live close to us and their son, Merak is good buddies with Cash and Riley.
They were all really into hunting for eggs this year. We had fun watching them running around the yard, lugging those plastic buckets behind them.
Tripp liked it too. He had no need for a bucket full of eggs. He was very content as soon as he found one egg for each hand.

Riley emptied every egg into her baggie without even trying to eat a single piece of candy. She even dropped on egg on the floor and instead of just picking up the candy and putting it into her baggie, she put the candy back into the egg and then into her baggie. She had a good system going I guess and didn't want to mess anything up. She is like that with everything she does these days.
Cash, on the other hand, was quick to shove as many pieces as he could fit into his little mouth before I could swing by and whisk his loot away. He wasn't taking any chances. Again, adopting his dad's policy of "its easier to ask forgiveness, than ask permission".
On Easter Sunday, we woke up and Darin had gotten us all cards. The cards he got for the kids were so cute. He wrote them all personal little messages that I am so glad to have for their scrap boxes!
He also went and got the kids chocolate donuts with sprinkles that they loved!
Then it was on to find our Easter baskets.
My parents used to hide our Easter baskets somewhere in the house and leave us clues that would lead us to the hiding spot.
They hid each clue in a plastic Easter egg with the first one laying at our spot at the kitchen table. We usually had about 13 clues. They were usually pretty hard clues dad, always trying to stump us.
Anyway, I decided that I wanted to pass that tradition on to my kids. This was the first year that I thought they would get it so we tried it out.
I put their first clue in an egg on the counter.
Their first clue was MILK so they went to the fridge and found their next egg.
The next clue was SHOES which lead them to the bench where we keep their shoes.
Their final clue was BATH.
They were really getting into the clues at this time and I wished I would have done more, but I wasn't sure how they would do so I stuck with just 3 clues.
I will be ready next year though!
They were so excited to see their baskets hidden in the bathtub!

I mean, they LOOK really excited, don't they?!
They were excited, but I guess it really isn't about the eggs or the bunny or the baskets.
Its about what God did for us.
What God did for me so that I could be here, with these three, hiding their baskets, introducing them to the Easter bunny and the wonderful world of Jesus.
Hoping that they get this same chance to celebrate and teach their children someday.
Love you babies!

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  1. Love the pictures, so glad that your family had a great Easter! God is Good! Oh and I love the Easter Basket idea, I am Totally doing that next year!!