Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Avery & Lila!

When I was pregnant with Cash and Riley, Darin and I signed up for a multiples class. During our class we had to introduce ourselves. Darin introduced us as Darin and Rachel, who were pregnant with twins, due in April and as of March 1st, neither of us would have a job!
Darin was taking a package from Ford and I was going to be done with my job as a nanny.
We were a little nervous to say the least.
After our class that night one of the other parents came up to us and introduced himself as Adrian O'Hara. Adrian and his wife, Dominique were pregnant with twins who were due a week before ours. Adrian said that he couldn't imagine not having a job, especially with twins on the way and told Darin to bring him a copy of his resume.
Darin got right on it.
Long story short, Darin got a job with Murphy Hoffman Company and started in May right after the twins were born, thanks to Adrian sending in Darin's resume to a friend.
So, our multiples class brought us together and we have continued to grow in our friendship (in more ways than one) over the last 3 years!
Me with Riley and Cash. Dominique with Avery and Lila.
Lila, Riley and Avery on Valentines Day 2008.

Cash keeping his distance from the ladies!
Cash, Riley, Lila and Avery turn 1!

Summer fun in the pool!
Snack time.
In 2008, Dominique and Adrian added Issac to their bunch and we added Tripp to ours. These little guys are 6 weeks apart.
Here we are with all 6 kids!
Cash, finally glad to have some boys to hang out with!
The girls...
Tripp and Issac.
Which brings us to today, Avery and Lila are 3!
Their birthday party was on Saturday. The kids had a lot of fun playing outside on the Lion jumper. It was such a nice day!
Riley, Lila, Avery and Cash.
Issac and Cash.
The girls and their princess cakes.

Riley and Cash enjoying some princess cake!
My mom came with us to the party. Darin was out of town for the week on his ski trip so Grandma (aka Gwanma) came to stay with us. She lives in Virginia so we really appreciated her making the trip. It is always fun to have the Grandparents around, but really sad when they have to go back home!
Here she is in the background which is one of the only pictures I could get of her. She really doesn't like to get her picture taken so I was trying to be sneaky.
Time for birthday hugs.
Cash and Avery.
Cash and Lila.
After the party we all came home and crashed! We had a great time and can't believe that the kids are getting so big!
Happy 3rd Birthday Avery!
Happy 3rd Birthday Lila!
Happy 3rd Anniversary of becoming parents Dominique and Adrian!
Thanks for your friendship!

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  1. That is so great that you all have became friends. Oh and that party looked like alot of fun, loving that lion slide...sweet!!!