Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Cash & Riley...take one!

So April around here is pretty much a birthday month for us! Both of my nieces have April birthdays, our friends Lila and Avery have their birthday the week before Cash and Riley and obviously we have C & R's birthday too.
Its especially fun when you have 3 separate visits from your grandparents so you get 3 separate parties! That is a lot of cake...I mean a lot of frosting because they really just lick the frosting off the cake and then they bail or want another helping. Cash actually asked me to put more frosting on one of his cupcakes so he could "finish" it. Nice try sugar king.
It has also been so nice here. We hit the park a few times and have been playing out in the backyard a lot. Hopefully it stays nice because we are having their party this weekend. I will be bummed if it rains!
Here is my little man enjoying some time at the playground.My dad was up over the weekend for an anesthesia conference he had in KC. It was a quick weekend, but good to have him here. The kids were all so excited to see him.
Birthday celebration with Grandpa Mikey.

Don't worry, this little guy has had his share of cake too. And I can't get this picture to rotate so you'll have to look at it like this. My computer skills continue to amaze...I know.Playing with Grandpa Mike "in the grass" as the kids would say. They had so much fun and he totally wore them out.

This picture cracks me up. Tripp was imitating everything Grandpa was doing. So cute.
Their favorite game was "disappearing" in the tunnel. He only had to do this trick about 10 times with each of them. =)

And today is Cash and Riley's 3rd birthday.
I had the table set up with their cupcakes and a couple presents. They were so excited to see their Milli and Geo cupcakes. They even thanked me for the decorations. Riley said she hoped her balloons didn't fly away to Seattle...too many episodes of Little Einsteins The Birthday Balloons!
They had a cupcake for breakfast and another after lunch. They are very excited to have another with their dad when he gets home from work. We may even let them open another present or two if they are good!

Can't believe they are 3!

Playing with the marble tunnel they got for a present.

An attempt to get a picture of the 3 of them...
I will get the next chapter to their birthday post up later. They are finally up from their nap so I must go. Diapers to change, sunscreen to apply and more frosting to eat!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Cash and Riley! :) Adorable pictures! How nice that your dad got to come for a visit- perfect timing! Looks like they all had a blast! Will you guys be home in May for Joan's party? We hope to see you! :)

    Jen, Craig & Andrew

  2. What a great birthday! They are all so cute! I love Tripp's Metallica t-shirt! You did a great job on the cupcakes. I hope for great weather for your party this weekend and look forward to seeing pictures :)