Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank God for Ponyville and Zofran!

Happy Father's Day!!! Darin golfed yesterday so that was his present. He had fun and doesn't get to golf that often so he enjoyed it.
Instead of small group, our Pastor, which I guess he is technically a Father now, preached at the 5 o'clock service so we went to that. It was awesome to hear him speak and be in that environment. He does such a great job of making you really listening to what he is saying. He can make you cry and laugh all within one sentence. The church even had a nursery that we were able to put the kids into which was great! They had fun too.
The big news is Riley wore a dress! Yep, I got her out of her Cars pajamas and into a cute little sundress...with a Cars tattoo on her arm of course. The one thing that made her okay with having the dress on was that Darin told her she looked like an ice cream cone. She liked that. God job Dadda!
We have a new obsession in the Johnson house too. I bought Riley some My Little Pony items off of Craig's List and she LOVES them. She really likes the Ponyville toys the best. She insists on sleeping with most of the toys every time she goes to bed which is a little annoying, but not worth the drama to tell her no.
She plays with them nonstop. She looks at her little Ponyville ferris wheel and, in her little dreamy tone, says "mom, look at all my ponies." It quite possibly might be one of the best purchases I have ever made.
Oh, and if anyone cares...the Zofran works pretty well. I still have some moments, but they are much better. Hopefully only a couple more weeks and this will all be just a bad memory.
Come on 2nd trimester!!!

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