Friday, August 6, 2010

Trip to Iowa--Time in Charles City for RAGBRAI

My Dad and my brother ride in RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) every summer. Their team is called "The Moonshine Gang" and usually consists of those two along with my brother's wife and her dad and brother.
They usually ride the entire week and come up with a theme for their team. Last year they were cowboys and this year they were pirates. Biking 50-80 miles a day in those get ups sounds nice and cool to me.
Anyway, I usually try to take my kids up to Iowa for the week and we stay with my mom while the team rides. We visit them in the different towns when we can. It is a pretty fun deal. Probably more fun if you can partake in some of the activities without kids in tow, but they had fun too.
This year they only rode two days and my sister-in-law didn't ride since she is due with their 3rd baby in a few weeks.
We visited the Pirate Moonshine Gang while they were in Charles City.
We came with our pirate flag and all...
My brother, Adam instructing us where to go amidst all the bikers!
The Pirate Moonshine Gang...
Rachel's brother, Steve
Rachel's dad, Joe
My dad, Mike
My brother, Adam
They had another team member who was a coworker of Adam's who is pictured in the next photo so there were a total of 5 pirates and they were quite the hit!
As we walked around with them, they were stopped many times so people could take their pictures with them. They heard a lot of pirate jokes too!
A little worn out after many miles and many photos!
My friend, Nadine rode RAGBRAI with another team which was riding for Parkinson's Disease. We met through our college swim team. She now lives in Colorado and this was the first time we had seen each other since my wedding in March of 2006! It was great to see her and meet her daughter, Reese. Can't believe it has been that long because it didn't seem like that at all, but we try to keep in touch over the phone and good old facebook which helps.
Next time we will have to do better planning and spend a little more time catching up in person!!!
Grandpa passing out his booty to the grand kids.
Grandpa with 4 of his 5 grand kids...Libby wasn't feeling well and stayed home with Grandma Mary Ann.
My brother and his wife, Rachel.
Cash enjoying some of the expensive RAGBRAI cuisine...yellow watermelon.
Fun times! Can't wait to see what the gang will be next year!!!
More from our trip to Iowa to come!!!

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  1. Hi! I met you dad Mike this past RAGBRAI. I have done it several times, as well. We had a great morning chatting and then I lost him in the crowds when I needed to peel off to find one of my own teammates. Anyway, I felt bad not being able to say bye and thanks for the advice! If you are able to pass on that message, that would be great. I think he'll remember me--my name is Susan and he gave me some good food for thought on a boy issue! Thank you! Susan