Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trip to Iowa--Time in Cedar Falls

My mom and I spent one day checking out Cedar Falls which is where I went to college. We drove past my old house which has lost its great front porch! Sad. That was a great porch, but I guess the landlord didn't like all the traffic from "The Hill" that it attracted.
We also visited the WRC to see the pool that I spent many hours in during some of my swimming years. I really wanted to get into the East Gym and see that old pool, but didn't feel like trekking my kids through campus especially when it was probably locked up.
Cash and Riley were really wanting to so swimming.
Actually, Riley was a little freaked out by the glass panels you see here. I guess she didn't see them and when Tripp came walking down the stairs, she got really nervous and didn't want him to go any further. She was just protecting him from what looked like could result into a fall into the pool from very high up. It was pretty cute.

Playing outside The Dome. We tried to get in, but couldn't find any open doors.
Leaving a note under the door for my college swim coach.
After our tour of Cedar Falls, we went to my sister in law's parent's house for dinner and some playtime.
Here are our corn shuckers!

After dinner and some yummy peach pie, Rachel's dad broke out Dance Party on their Wii.
Becca was really good. The kids all liked to dance to the music. It was fun to watch them.

So we had fun in Cedar Falls and it made me miss college! Not really classes, but I had a lot of fun in college and really miss all my friends. I called Darin while I was driving around CF, visiting all the places I used to go so often while I was there 10 years ago. I told him that it was weird driving around my minivan...with 3 kids...pregnant with a 4th.
He told me that it probably was weird, but that I should feel proud!
And I do!

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