Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cash Man

Lately when Cash gets in trouble he will refer to the new baby we are going to have. For instance...if I put Cash in time out, he says "I'm gonna put your baby in time out." Stuff like that.
Cash is also very particular about everything lately. He is picky about his clothes, his food, his toys, etc.
Today he asked me for a banana.
Now, he likes his bananas with the peel pulled down about halfway, no brown spots on his banana and no mushy bananas.
Today, he had the perfect banana.
That is, until it broke in half.
I try to buy smaller bananas so this doesn't happen, but this banana was a little long and it broke in half.
Bad news.
He freaked and refused to eat it. I told him he had to eat it and that I wasn't going to give him anything else to eat until that banana was gone.
That made him pretty mad.
He said "Mom, you broke my banana so I'm gonna break your baby!"
I didn't know if I should laugh and think it was cute or be slightly disturbed.
So I simply told him that wasn't very nice to say, then I ran into the other room to call Darin...because it did make me laugh, but of course I didn't want Cash to know that!

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