Monday, September 13, 2010


I was making my kids breakfast for dinner the other night. We were having waffles and sausage.
I was standing at the counter, making the waffles and Riley came up to me.
She said "Mom, you are doing a good job making the waffles. You can make everything. You can make waffles and pancakes and muffins. Good job Mom. Gimme a hug."
Made me laugh.
Last night I was sitting on the couch with all three of the kids while Darin was making them dinner.
I was letting them feel my tummy so they could feel the baby kick. I asked them what they thought the baby was going to be. Riley thinks its a girl and Cash is thinking boy.
I asked them what we should name the baby.
These were the names they came up with...
Boots, Dio and Millie.
Then Cash added Geo to the list.
Don't think we will go with any of those fine names.
I do think Millie is cute, but that is what Cash calls Riley all the time so that could get a little confusing! =)
They liked to feel the baby kick, especially Cash. He thought it was pretty funny.
Then they started wanting to see my belly and kept lifting up my shirt.
That is when I had to put an end to all that.
I don't care at home, but I know from previous experience that when little ones want to lift up your shirt to see your belly or belly button out in public, they will expose your tummy somehow.
No matter how much you try to keep it covered.
And there is nobody that needs to see my tummy after those 3 monsters have taken residence.
We went and got all the kids new shoes yesterday. They all went up a size from the last time we bought them shoes which was right before summer started! They are growing so fast. And little Tripp man has huge feet! He didn't really have any options to pick from because he needed an EXTRA wide shoe! Not just wide...extra wide. That kid could be in trouble. We were joking that if he plays football he is going to need a special order helmet. His head is huge too! Just a big kid!!!
Things are going to get very busy in the Johnson house over the next few weeks. We decided to get our house ready to put on the market.
Right now we only have a 3 bedroom and we are looking to find at least a 4 bedroom if not a 5 bedroom. We would also like a finished basement or a set up where the kids would have another area besides the living room to play in.
We will see how it goes. We know it may be tough seems how the holidays are fast approaching. I think we might be a little crazy.
Trying to get our house ready with 3 little kids, a dog, a cat, Darin is traveling pretty much all week over the next 3 weeks and I am 23 weeks pregnant.
And did I mention that my husband is a total pack rat? I am tempted to start going through his stuff and throwing things away while he is at work or out of town! I mean, does he need all those sweaters from the 1980's that I have never seen him wear?!
Just pray for me.

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