Monday, December 20, 2010

This & That

Cash had a little accident so I sent him upstairs to get some new underwear and pants. This is how he came back downstairs. He obviously got into my drawer and was trying on my socks. He liked these because they have toes in them...and he put them on all by himself. It was pretty funny when he came walking downstairs like this... So, like I said before, Cash and Riley had their Christmas program on the day we moved. Here is a couple pictures.
Riley eventually stopped crying and even smiled for a picture after their program was over. Poor little girl. I think she was tired and I am not sure she does very good when she has an audience watching.
Since we moved the kids do not take naps, they get up at the crack of dawn and they don't go to bed until they are going to drop over because they are so tired. This day they both fell asleep on me while we were watching Frosty the Snowman. It was pretty cute, but it made for a rough evening. A 1/2 hour nap at 5:30 pm is never a good idea I have come to realize.
Each of the kids now have their own rooms. Cash was a little worried the first night about not sleeping with Riley. He said "Mom, I can't sleep by myself. Where is Riley? Riley needs to sleep with me." It was sweet, but I tried really hard to keep them in their own rooms. They actually did really well. We had to leave their doors open and the hall light on, but they spent their first night in the new house, in their own beds. They did the second night as well. The third night, Riley said that she was scared. She wanted her light on. I am not sure why since she has a Christmas tree in her room that you can probably see from the street its so bright. We put her in bed and she fell asleep. She obviously got up at some point and jumped into bed with Cash. Awww...again, it was really sweet. The little buddies just miss each other. I hope they always go to each other when they are scared like they do now.
Just wanted to get a few pictures up before I have a million more for Christmas!

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  1. Love the sock picture - my kids love to put on my socks! Glad that you are all moved in, and I hope the kids adjust well to their new bedrooms.