Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moving Day Drama

Our move with 3 kids 3 years old and under, a mom 3 weeks away from giving birth and a dad who just had surgery 2 weeks before, went pretty well. We did have a few set backs. Just wanted to get them written down so one day we can look back and laugh.
~Darin told the movers we had about 90 boxes. We probably really had at least 130-150. So when they got everything on their inventory list, they said they were done. That left Darin with having to scramble to get a Uhaul. He made 3 different trips with a full Uhaul that he packed and unloaded by himself. He did have the help of our friend, Tom for a couple hours on evening. Rough day for Darin, but at least he had Tuesday and part of Wednesday to make sure he got everything. Needless to say, he was pretty sore and tired.
~The first night we spent in our house, Riley locked herself in her room and we couldn't get the door open. We used the key and bent it so that wasn't working. We finally figured out that you can pull the door handles up and they don't lock, but you do have to perform a little magic to get them open. Nice if you want to keep the kids out of a room. Not so nice if you are trying to get them out. We got it under control now though!
~The couple who bought our new house wanted our washer and dryer so we ordered a new set. Our laundry room is upstairs off of our closet which I love! We found an awesome GE washer and dryer on sale at Home Depot that were supposed to be delivered on December 18th. I called on December 18th to see what time they were doing to be delivered. They called me back to tell me that they were back ordered until January 11th! I called Darin to tell him the good news. He promptly called HD back to tell them that that wasn't acceptable. They can't tell us we would have our washer and dryer on one day and then call us that day to tell us that we would have to wait a month to get them. Neither of us had time or energy to be setting of for a laundry mat every day which is how often we would have to go to keep up with the dirty stuff.
They finally settled on giving us the floor models with $100 off. They had the washer and dryer dropped off a couple hours later...curbside
Called Darin to tell him more good news. Darin called HD again to tell them that was unacceptable. We paid for a new washer and dryer to be delivered and set up, not dropped off curbside.
After some negotiating, HD sent over two guys to get the washer and dryer upstairs in the laundry room.
Thank you Lord.
Darin came home from work. They had hooked up the washer, but not the dryer because there was not a 4 prong cord. Darin had to run back to HD to get the 4 prong instead of the 3 prong.
He came home and hooked up the dryer.
We were so excited to have that done, we decided to go out to eat! =)
Darin was going to start a load of laundry before we left, but I told him he should probably wait, just in case.
Thank you Lord, again.
We got home, put the kids to bed and started some laundry.
I was sitting on the couch and heard water coming from somewhere.
Darin ran upstairs to find our laundry room flooded and then the water started coming through the ceiling into the bathroom on our main level. I checked the basement and it was coming through the ceiling down there too. Thankfully, it was going right into the drain and wasn't getting to any of our boxes.
We made a mad scramble to start soaking up all the water with all the dirty clothes we had.
There was so much water coming through the ceiling that it shorted out the fire alarm which started going off. It went off for about 20 minutes and was very loud. I couldn't believe the kids didn't wake up. Tripp was actually still up. I went into his room to see if he was scared and he just looked at me and said "hi mom". Not scared.
Finally the alarm shut off and we got the water cleaned up.
Darin checked the washer to see what had happened. The drain to the washer wasn't hooked up. Can you imagine what would have happened if we would have started a load before we left to go eat?
Thank you, thank you Lord.
Lesson learned...stick to Nebraska Furniture Mart for our future purchases. HD...while they tried to be accommodating, did not turn out well for us.
~Got a new fridge...from NFM. They delivered on time, moved our old fridge and hooked up the new one. I was getting all the food put back in and I couldn't get the freezer to shut. Here I am on the floor with my huge belly trying to figure out what was wrong with the fridge. I tried for a half hour and finally called Darin again. I about had a breakdown because of the stupid freezer, but I had had it.
Had it with all the unpacking, the moving, the kids not taking naps, the disorganization, the people coming over to install the phone, the Internet, the alarm system, the cable, all the deliveries.
I was done.
So Darin heard the distress in my voice and came home on his lunch break and got the freezer figured out.
So those were our obstacles we faced while moving. Nothing too major, but enough to cause some good amount of stress. I mean, I don't know what we were thinking moving at this time in our lives, but the time came, so we did it!
We are in now, mostly unpacked to where we can live comfortably.
Getting ready for Christmas. We have to still find a box of our presents for the kids that is hiding somewhere in the basement.
Getting ready for the baby too!
I think its a girl.
Its gotta be because I know where all my girl clothes are. The boy clothes seem to be hiding from me.
They are hanging out in the basement with the Christmas presents.

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