Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Program

The Johnson family has been very busy over the last week or so. We moved into our new house!!! Its awesome and we are very excited to have more room. I will have to do a post on our moving experiences with three little ones when I have a little more time.

For now I just wanted to get this video up for the Grandparents! I am thinking others may find it a little is 5 minutes and I am not the best videographer around, but its cute Grandparent material!

Cash and Riley go to Kids Day Out one day a week. The teachers worked with them to put on a little show. They sang about 4 songs and it was pretty cute.

This is what you should watch or listen for...

Riley cried the entire time. She was crying when her class walked into the sanctuary and never stopped. She didn't sing a note and pretty much had her back to her audience the entire time.

Cash sang a little and did some of the hand movements. Then he kept pulling up his shirt and showing everyone his belly. You can hear me tell him to put his shirt down once I caught his eye. He tried it a couple more times with that "am I gonna get in trouble for doing this or is this funny?" look on his face. I don't know if its on there or not, but he kept waving to us and saying "hi mom, hi Sarah, hi Tripp!" and wouldn't stop until he got a hi back.

Tripp of course was there too. When he saw Cash and Riley he just kept waving and saying hi to them...loudly...while the other parents were trying to listen to their kids sing. It was cute, to me anyway.

I felt bad that Darin couldn't make the program so I taped it for him. We were actually moving on the same day so he didn't get to go. I told him he didn't really miss much, but when I watched the video of their first Christmas program again I realized that he just might have missed out on a lot. Little buddies are getting big!!!

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