Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

I finally am getting to my Christmas post! We have been busy here, but we had a great Christmas and have a lot of our things unpacked!
Here are some pictures of our Christmas and the highlights!!!
*On Christmas Eve we made sugar cookies. I was really hesitant to do this considering I am about to pop and the last thing I wanted to do was make a huge mess that I was going to have to clean up, but we did. The kids had fun. They did them all themselves and did a pretty good job. They would cut really thick cookies and then some really thin ones. The thin ones obviously were a little burnt when they came out of the oven, but most were edible. They had a lot of fun so that was all that mattered. Tripp was only interested in eating the dough!
*On Christmas Eve Cash asked me if Santa was going to put presents under the tree in his room or the tree downstairs. I asked him which tree he wanted me to tell Santa to leave the presents under and he said "Not my room, mom. He can stay downstairs." I think something about someone he didn't know walking around his room while he was sleeping kinda creeped him out. Even if it was Santa.
*Cash also asked me about the Elf on the Shelf. I reminded him that the Elf told Santa if they were being good or bad. Cash asked "Can he talk?" When I said yes, he said "I don't want to hear him talk, mom." Again, he was a little creeped out.
*Cash and Riley got trees for their rooms this year. Riley had a pink tree that was really cute. I wished I had taken a picture, but I only took one with my cell phone and I can't get onto the computer. Tripp had a Santa with a Christmas tree wall cling that he loved to look at. Maybe he'll get a tree next year!
*We left Santa milk and cookies...chocolate milk by Cash's request. Santa left them a note to read in the morning when they woke up. Cash was very excited about that!
*Riley LOVED her pony! Everything she got was something to do with ponies. She kept giving her pony hugs all day.
*We were up at 5 am! Since we moved the kids don't sleep very late at all. Cash was the first one up. We tried to get him to go back to bed, but he snuck downstairs and saw all the toys, came running back to our room and told us that Santa left him a dragon castle and we had to come down right now!
*Tripp loved his basketball and his baseball. He carried them around all day.
*Aunt Sarah and Grandpa Mel were here to spend the holiday with us which was fun.
*We did pretty good this year considering we were searching the boxes in the basement for some of the presents the night before. We never did find the stocking holders or our ornaments, but we got the tree up with lights and at least found the stockings!
*I had a mimosa!!! =) Pretty sure this baby handled it alright. Went to the doctor earlier in the week and I was measuring at 49 1/2 weeks. I am huge and feel every bit of it. I have a sono tomorrow to see if this kid has packed on some serious pounds here in the last few weeks or if its just simply...I just got really big this time. Not that I was small with either of my other pregnancies, but this baby seems to stick straight out or something. Just can't figure it out.

Hope everyone else had a very merry holiday!!!

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