Monday, November 29, 2010

What we've been up to...

We made it to Iowa for little Josie's Baptism!
We decided to break up our trip on the way there by stopping in Des Moines on Friday night. We went out to eat and then had a "slumber party" at the hotel. Tripp slept in his pack and play which is probably the last time he will sleep in that thing. Thank goodness its a twin pack and play so its bigger than the regular ones or he really wouldn't have fit in it!
Cash slept with Darin and I got the pleasure of sleeping with Riley. We figured that if we each slept with one of the kids, we'd have more room. Well, we were wrong. Riley might be one of the biggest bed hogs ever! I woke up once to her feet on my chest and every time I would move her over, she would yell at me in her sleep! But, she would say "Dad, don't touch my dog!" or something like that. She never yelled at was always her dad's fault! =)
We got up early Saturday, ate and then got on the road. We had a mission to be at least in Cedar Falls by 11 am because the Michigan game was on. We made it with just a minute to spare. Darin got to watch his game and the kids got to play with Becca and "Livy" as Riley calls her.
Good to be out of the car!
Sunday was Josie's Baptism.
Darin and Rachel's sister in law, Roseanne were the Godparents.
The priest was great...well, what little I got to enjoy of him. I spent most of the time out in the foyer with my children.
Before church started, Tripp made his way up to the altar. He was bound and determined to get one of the pumpkins that were on display. The Priest nicely told him that he could have one after mass, but that didn't set well with little Trippy and we had to take him out.
There were more pumpkins in the foyer for him to enjoy.
So, since 2 out of my 3 children couldn't handle mass, these are all the pictures I was able to get.
Rosie and Darin with Josie.
After our weekend, my parents came back to KC with us to celebrate Thanksgiving. We also had Christmas with them since they won't be coming back until I have the baby in January. The kids got a lot of presents and were very spoiled!
Cash loves to look at himself in this picture. He had the Santa wig on and he thinks it is pretty funny!
"Papa" and Tripp.
Darin broke out the Santa costume!
Tripp was a little scared of him all dressed up like that.
Playing with toys...
Opening more toys...

Riley was very excited to get some new ponies!
So our Thanksgiving/Christmas was a fun day. Darin spent the morning cooking, the kids played and the rest of us got to relax.
It is really nice to have a husband that likes to cook!
The rest of our week was spent running some errands and doing things like that.
I am trying to get everything ready for this move, Christmas and the baby. I have just about everything on my list checked off so that is nice.
Took Tripp in for his 2 year check up.
He weighs 35 lbs and is 37 in tall.
The doctor said that he looks great.
I also took Cash in with me to get checked out. Turns out he had bronchitis so they put him on some antibiotics.
They weighed him too...38 lbs. Only 3 lbs more than Tripp!
I found a home for our cat too which is exciting. Giving her up was a little more emotional than I thought it was going to be. Riley started crying and Cash kept saying "I miss my cat."
She is in a good home though where she is getting a lot of love and attention. My friend that took her in posts pictures of her on facebook so that we can see how she is doing. I think we made a great choice. I will tell you that after all the animals Darin and I have had between the two of us, it is strange not to have any animals in this house!
So now it is on to packing up the rest of our things and getting ready to move in a couple weeks! Two more weeks and we will have a new house!
Six more weeks and we will have a new baby!
Crazy, exciting times for the Johnson Family!

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