Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tripp Turns Two!!!

Tripp is two!!! I can't believe that he is two years old already!
I put him in the shirt that Cash wore when he turned two. Somehow Tripp managed to rip the two off of the shirt by the end of the day, but it was cute for a little while.
He got a new trike from Grandma and Grandpa. He was really excited...they all were. They all wanted rides and wanted to take turns pushing Tripp around the house. We ended up having to put it out in the garage for fear of someone driving someone else right into a wall. A hole in the wall probably isn't a good thing when you are trying to close on your house! Opening some presents...
He loves Max and Ruby and was really excited to open his Max and Ruby Birthday video.
Lately Tripp has been very interested in naming body parts so I thought he would like this dog by Fisher Price. Its pretty cute and does a lot of fun things. He does seem to really like it! I found it hard to find presents for him that I thought he would really like so I was glad that he seemed to like what we did end up getting him.

Of course, this may have been his favorite part of the day. He just couldn't wait to have a cookie.
He kept saying "two, two." He likes numbers lately too.
And he got to eat on our special plate!
Here he is mad because he finally got his cookie in front of him, but he still couldn't eat it! We had to improvise on the candle. I packed all our other candles away so we used a match. Safe, I know, but it worked. He had to blow something out right?!
I love getting pictures of them trying to blow out their candles.
In this photo I'd like to thank the photographer for reminding me that I am, in fact, swollen no matter how many times I look at myself in the mirror and think "hey, I am not too puffy."
Pictures do not lie.
I am very puffy.
Not as puffy as I was with Cash and Riley, but puffy none the less.
Tripp with his non-puffy parent.

Happy Birthday little buddy!
We love you!
On another note, I had my checkup today. I go every two weeks now.
At 32 weeks pregnant, I am measuring at 42 weeks pregnant. I have had 3 people in the last week ask me if I am having twins. Then when they find out I am not due for another 8 weeks, they really freak out. Usually those kind of comments about how big I am don't bother me at all. I know people don't mean to be mean, they are just surprised at how big my belly is.
Now, the other day when we were in Nebraska Furniture Mart, these two guys were walking toward me and within total earshot, I heard the guy say "holy s**t!"
That made me mad.
I gave him my best Care Bear stare and hoped that he didn't run into me again. As I walked through the store and thought about it more, I wished I would have thought of something snappy to say back to him because I was just getting more and more angry.
How rude.
Anyway, don't want to give him another mention on my blog so...
I am also running out of shirts that fit over my stomach. I am even growing out of my XXL men's tshirts that I bought about 2 months ago.
Should be an interesting last 8 weeks!!!

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