Tuesday, March 16, 2010

See, I do bathe my children sometimes! =)

I was giving Tripp a bath tonight while Cash and Riley read some books and did puzzles in their room. Again, reaffirming my decision that it is easiest to just give them all a bath at the same time because they just cannot stand to see another in the tub having all the fun and not be in that tub themselves. Mess.
Anyway, Darin was on his way home from work and I told Cash that he should try to get his Thomas puzzle put together for his dad to see when he got home. Cash said okay, ran into his room and told Riley they had to get to work.
After one of their many trips between the bathroom and their bedroom,
Cash came back into the bathroom and told me that he had a "big problem" because his dad would be home in "six sevends" and he needed help. So, tired of trying to keep them out of the bathroom, I got Tripp out of the tub and helped them with their puzzle.
Darin got home before we finished and helped us with the pieces we had left. Cash was so proud and was so excited that we were all sitting around doing the puzzle together. He didn't even get mad when Tripp walked right over and began to destroy the puzzle that we had all just finished. (Riley did though...she had some major issues with her brothers total disregard for her hard work).
That small moment helped remind me that Darin and I can take our kids to all those fun play places, take them to see Elmo Live, go on fun vacations, go out to eat, etc, etc, but all they really want are those little moments where we take the time to really sit down and play with them, be patient with them and just have fun with them.
I guess I just need those reminders sometimes.
All too soon, I will be the one begging them to take a few minutes out of their day to sit down and do that puzzle with me...or something like that! =)

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