Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just a little update from us...

Well, it has been a trying last couple of days. We all have colds (bad snotty nose colds) and everyone is pretty miserable. Darin hasn't gotten it yet, but tonight started to complain that he isn't feeling very well. We are treading on dangerous waters now because when he gets sick, its all over. Where we get a cold that may last a week or so, his seems to stick around for about 3 months. Pray for me!
Riley had an eye appointment today. Darin took her and said she did really well. She was there almost 2 hours because they had to dilate her eyes. Her prescription has gotten a little worse so she has to get new lenses. Darin called me from the eye shop and told me that they said she would need new frames too. Frames and lenses for her runs around $350 which is nice, but with our vision plan we had to pay only $95! Woohoo!
Anyway, so since I wasn't there he asked me if I wanted him to pick out her new frames. I really wanted to pick them out, but he was there and I figured he wasn't going to get her anything crazy. When I got her first frames the lady that helped me was trying to get me to buy her neon green frames. She told me that bright colored frames were the in thing for all the little girls. Really, well she is like 18 months old (at that time) so I am not really sure she cares. She just wants to see. I told him to just pick out something similar to what she had, but maybe in a more neutral tone. So we will see. They are supposed to be in on Tuesday!
It was a great day today. It was around 62 degrees, but it felt warmer. We played out on the deck all day. We couldn't go into the yard because it was all wet and there was still snow on the ground which was weird. Snow on the ground, yet we are outside with bare feet and short sleeves!
Looking forward to Friday too! I really don't like to watch basketball and the whole March Madness thing is just plain annoying to me, but Darin loves it. He kind of feels like its a holiday or something which I find is the same way many of his friends feel. I mean they take afternoons off work to go watch the games!!! Anyway, Friday we have a sitter and we are going to go watch the UNI vs Michigan State game. I actually did watch KU play UNI and I can't believe they won. How awesome. Not awesome to be a Panther in a city crawling with ticked off KU fans though. Darin is somewhat a KU fan too so he wasn't real happy, but was excited for UNI. So we will see how the game goes on Friday...I may actually have to watch the whole thing and show some support for my Panthers!!! Probably won't be sporting the UNI gear though, don't want to get beat up or anything!

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