Friday, March 5, 2010

A Typical Day

At Kelly's Korner we were invited to share a typical day with other blog readers so here goes...
Just a note to those who do not know us~My husband, Darin and I will be married for 4 years on March 11th. We had boy/girl twins in April of 2007 and our third child (boy) in November 2008.
We usually wake up around 7:30 am.
I always go in and get Cash & Riley first, then we all go in and get Tripp out of his room.
We go downstairs, change diapers, change clothes if needed or we just stay in our pj's and then we have breakfast.
Cash usually asks me to turn on the tv because he is afraid that he might miss an episode of Little Einsteins!
The kids eat and play with their trains. You wouldn't think that I had any other toys in my house besides trains because that is all they play with. Well, I did buy a Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket off of Craig's List the other day that has been a big hit, but we are mostly a train family here.
If I have any errands to run or just want to get the kids out of the house, we usually do that in the morning around 10 or so. That usually depends on how long it takes me to get everyone dressed and ready. I love winter, but I can't wait for the warmer weather just so I don't have to get everyone all bundled up every time we want to go somewhere!
The kids eat lunch anywhere from 11 to noon. Then they take naps from about 1 until 3. Cash and Riley have started to not take naps everyday, but I still give them that down time up in their room for at least an hour. Why would you not take a nap? If you laid me down in a dimly lit room and kept the house quiet, I would certainly fall asleep. They will miss these days when they are older, that is for sure!
During their naps, I usually clean up, do a load of laundry, check my email, try to fit in a blog update or whatever I need to get done. I may even shower if I feel like it! =)
Lately I have been spending my free time planning Cash and Riley's 3rd birthday that is coming up on April 19th. I love to plan parties. If only I had a little bit more money, then it would be a little easier!
Everyone is usually back up around 3. We change diapers, have a snack and play some more. I like to watch Ellen if I can, but that is busy time. I am thankful for DVR!
Darin usually gets home around 6 if he is in town. He travels quite a bit. This week he left Monday morning and got home last night so I am sure he will like coming home tonight and having some time with the kids this weekend.
The kids usually eat dinner around 6. We get them changed and ready for bed usually between 7-8. They may even get a bath! I am embarrassed to say, but my kids are lucky if the get a bath twice in one week! It takes some effort to get them all bathed at once. I have tried giving them baths separately, but they all must go at the same time to avoid fights and meltdowns. Maybe if I gave them a bath every night this would decrease the appeal of bath time making it easier to bathe them separately. But, I have not the time or the will to do bath time every night, especially when Darin is out of town for 3 or 4 nights in a row. So we will continue squeezing all 3 kids in our little tub for the time being. They aren't that dirty anyway! =)
We may read stories or sometimes Darin makes up stories for the kids which they like. We tuck them in, fill up their waters and give them dinosaur hugs before they drift off to sleep.
After we get the kids in bed, we eat dinner and watch whatever shows are on. We are usually in bed between 9-10. Darin is sometimes in bed before 9 even, but he gets up around 4:30 and goes to the gym in the morning so he is usually pretty tired.
We always go into the kids' rooms before we go to sleep and check on them, cover them back up or whatever. The pictures below are from a couple nights ago when I had given them the Little Einsteins Rocket which they insisted on sleeping with. Oh, and yes, Cash is sleeping with his clothes and shoes on. He usually has his "Herkey Hat" on as well. He is a pajama hater lately, but that is okay. The shoes, I don't get it, but you know how they say "pick your battles"? Well, this is a battle that I choose not to pick. Hopefully he will grow out of this someday.

Good night little buddies!


  1. OMG...your kids are adorable!

    So, my family has so much in common with yours! My husband and I not only have the three kids like you, twins and another (just the opposite order) but we have also been married for almost 4 we all had three kids in three years (that was our joke when preggo with the twins...and that the pattern wasn't going to continue!). And as I kept reading about your family I noticed that your twins birthday is the same day as our twin nieces (yes we have twin nieces besides having our own twins!) your kids will just be a year older than our nieces!

    I look forward to checking back and keeping up with you and your beautiful family!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  2. Yes, your shedule sounds so familiar.. I have two that are 14 months apart so it is NEVER ENDING! I can only imgaine having twins.. your children are so beautiful! oh and I so agree with you about the bath times.. I give mine a bath a couple of times a week. I dont understand why you would have to do it EVERY night especially when we are inside every day!! Its not like they are dirty..right? I have enjoyed reading over your blog, I am going to follow, I look forward to reading more about your precious family!