Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fun Stuff...

This weekend we took the kids to a carnival. The carnival was at Lakewood Elementary which is where the Pankratz kids go to school. I used to nanny for the Pankratz family who I met when I had their daughter, Kami in my preschool classroom when she was 2 turning 3. I guess that was around 2001. I started as their nanny when they had their 3rd child, Sam in 2004.
Sam loves to be around my kids and its crazy to me to see him with them and think I had him AND his sister when they were the same age as my kids are now! Anyway, he held their hands and showed them all around the carnival which they loved. Here Sam is trying to help Cash into the jumper.
Now over the wall. Riley never made it in. She had a little change of heart. She is not the go getter she makes herself out to be!
She did like the fishing though and kept trying to pull her line over the wall before they could get her "treat" hooked onto her line. Of course it was some crazy hard, chewy candy that she couldn't eat so that was fun for me to get away from her.
Riley did get a little present sent to her from her Grandpa Mel. When we were in Clearwater in February we went to the aquarium where she fell in love with a pink stuffed dolphin named Winter, but her dad would not hear of buying another $15 stuffed animal. So her Grandpa went back to the aquarium and sent her a special surprise. She was very excited and even after over a month, knew exactly what it was before she even opened it all the way. Cash was a little bummed and kept asking where his dolphin was. I told him that Grandpa wanted him to share the pink one with Riley, but he said no, he was going to get a blue one. How do they know that stuff? I mean you usually associate blue with boys and girls with pink, but they are not even 3?! Crazy. I did run downstairs and put some "new" toys that they had not played with in a while in the box so it seemed as if he got a new present too. He is not deprived by any means. He is usually the one that gets all the new hot wheels in the mail so, the fact that just Riley got a package from Grandpa was pretty cute.
And here is the Cash man...still sleeping, fully clothed, with his shoes and his hat on. His dad is afraid he will go bald at an early age if he keeps wearing his hat like this all the time, but Cash won't take it off. I finally found out why he likes to wear it backwards. One of the shows he likes to watch is Imagination Movers. His favorite on that show is Dave. Dave wears his hat backwards. Go figure. So here he asleep with his hat on. His dad, a HUGE Michigan fan, isn't happy.

But far away, his Grandpa Mikey is!!!

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  1. So cute, Rachel. I can't get Andrew to keep a hat on to save my life! Ha! They are so cute- I am hoping this summer he'll wear one more. I love reading your blog! :)

    Jen, Craig & Andrew