Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bring on that cruise!!!

 Riley: double ear infection, upper respiratory infection and pink eye.  Doctor put her on amoxicilan and eye drops.
 Cash: upper respiratory infection and pink eye.  Doctor put him on amoxicilan and eye drops.
 Tripp: upper respiratory infection, pink eye and high fever.  Doctor put him on amoxicilan and eye drops.  Motrin for his fever.
 Drew: has a pretty bad case of that newborn acne jazz that makes my face hurt to look at it.  Poor baby.  She is still happy though!  She is smiling more all the time.  I think I have even caught her laughing a couple times.  She is happiest in the morning when she first wakes up.
 The kids first started to get sick on Tuesday.  Darin also left for Oklahoma on Tuesday.  His first out of town work trip since December.  Perfect timing huh?! 
At least I have my sister now to help me.  Oh, but she was working 12 hour shifts at the hospital Tues, Wed and Thurs.  Ugh.
I didn't take them to the doctor right away because I just assumed they had that cold junk that was going around.  After the third day when all their colds seemed to be moving into their eyes and Tripp's temp would not come down, I decided to take them in.
I loaded all 4 kids up in the van on Thursday.  Thursday, the day of the winter storm that was blowing through with snow, sleet and ice.  Lovely.
We got to urgent care and the kids did really well letting the doctor check them out.  Thank God for that Bubble Guppies episode where Nani breaks his tail! 
We headed out of the doctors office with all our prescriptions in hand.  Thank God again for the drive thru at CVS!
I dropped off their prescriptions and we headed to McD's for the happy meals that I promised them if they were good during our doctor visit.
Little did I know that the advertised My Little Ponies and Monster Trucks toys in the happy meals were no longer.  The kids were pretty disappointed, but they were still happy to get a toy at all because we usually don't even get happy meals.
We got our lunch and then hit up CVS again to pick up our meds.  Well, they would only give me meds for Tripp and Cash...only the amoxicilan.  It was a no go on the eye drops because they couldn't read the doctors writing so they needed to wait until they heard back from their office.  They wouldn't give me meds for Riley because since her and Cash have the same birth date it was reading them as one person.  I guess there is a special code for twins that they weren't entering.  Anyway, kind of a pain, but Darin was able to pick up the rest of the prescriptions on his was home.
So it has been a crazy week, sick kids, Darin out of town, but we made it and the kids are already feeling much better.  And Darin and I leave for our cruise in the morning!!!  We are excited, but we will miss the kiddos a lot!  Cash came up to me this evening, stuck his hand out as if to shake my hand and said "mom, this is goodbye."  He shook my hand and walked out of the room.  I don't know where he gets some of this stuff. 
So when I think that I won't have to fight to get meds into 3 kids 3 times a day for the next week (and I will tell you that trying to get Tripp to take his meds is no small task) I am relieved.  But when I think about not seeing these little faces for 5 days, it makes me sad.  Its good for me though and for them, right?!  We will see!!!

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