Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I wanted to get in a quick post about how my other three are doing since the new addition to our family.


Even though he cried when we told him it was a girl, he loves his little sister.

He is always checking on her and patting her head. He tries to show her his toys and even sets them up for her to see. He often tells me that he really loves his new baby which I think is very sweet.

He still talks about the other baby in my tummy that is a boy. He draws pictures of my tummy. This morning he even ate bites out of his pop tart to resemble my tummy with the boy inside.

I keep telling him that even though it looks like I still have a baby in there, we already have our baby. Nothing like a daily reminder of how big my belly still is to make me want to get back in to shape!


She is doing well and adjusting to the fact that she is no longer the only little girl in the house!

She gives Drew kisses and is always checking on her.

The other night when Darin was taking them upstairs to go to bed, Riley came back down and said she had to get her baby. I told her that her baby was upstairs in her crib, but then I realized she was talking about Drew. Riley came over to her swing and looked at her sleeping and told her good night. I said "awww...Riley, that was nice of you" and Riley told me to "shhhh" because her baby was sleeping.



He isn't digging the "not the baby of the family anymore" role he has to play. He is constantly wanting to sit on my lap if I am sitting down or he wants me to pick him up. I am still not supposed to be lifting anything much over 10 lbs so his 40 lb little body is a little much for me, but sometimes I just give in. Check back later when I am complaining that I have a hernia or something. I try.


He doesn't really like to be near Drew either. When I try to put the 4 of them together for a picture, he doesn't like to be too close to her. He screams and cries and tries to get away.

He isn't mean to her or anything. He just basically ignores her.

I am sure that will change. All too soon, he will be the protective big brother who will never let anyone mess with his little sister!

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