Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy V Day!!!

For Valentine's Day we went over to visit my sister at her apartment. She had balloons for the kids which they loved. She had wine and chocolate covered pretzels for me...which I loved!
I figured I would try and get a few pictures of the kids with their Valentines Day shirts on, but it never works out quite like I planned.

Drew on her first Valentine's Day.
I like this picture. Cash is trying to help Drew get her paci back into her mouth.
Thanks for the shirts Grandma!

We had pizza and McDonald's for lunch. Healthy, I know. They have My Little Pony prizes for girls and Tonka trucks for boys in the Happy Meals. Somehow my kids spotted that little picture of the pony and the truck on the drive thru menu when we circled around to drop off a movie at Redbox. After that, there was no avoiding it, we had to have that pony. It was a fun little surprise for them though. They usually don't get to have the Happy Meals!
After we hung out at Sarah's, we went to visit Darin at work. We sent Darin to work with Oreo and Nutter Butter balls for the girls in the HR department. We decided to go visit them and make sure those treats actually made it to their office!
Hope you all had a great V Day!!!

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