Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Visit from the Nosbisch Family

My brother and his family came down from Iowa last weekend for a visit. The kids all enjoyed playing at the house and swimming at the hotel where Adam and Rachel were staying. We attempted to get a picture of all 7 grandkids for Grandma Sue. We took quite a few, but these were probably the best. We tried!

I also have kind of a funny story.

Well, I guess its one of those stories that is kind of funny, but probably shouldn't be.

Cash, Riley and Becca were playing with Riley's ponies. Now, you can only play with Riley's ponies when she is in a generous, sharing kind of mood.

Apparently, at that moment, Riley was not in that kind of mood.

They were playing when Riley started crying and melting down because the other two were getting too close to her ponies.

All of a sudden we all heard a voice say "stop that you idiots!"

I just kind of stopped and looked at the other adults in the room. I said "was that Riley?"

I couldn't believe she used the word idiots. It didn't even sound like her voice.

I wasn't getting all bent out of shape because she said idiots. I mean its not like I want her going around saying that to people, but there are a lot of worse things she could say I guess.

It just sounded so strange and out of place to hear a phrase like that come out in her tiny, squeaky little voice.

I was wondering where she heard that word because we really try not to say things around them that we don't want repeated.

We all talked about it though and, in this blame game, we have narrowed it down to Sponge Bob and Woody from Toy Story.

I haven't heard it again since, but I am sure it may come out again.

I just hope it doesn't come out at school or something.

See...funny, but not really.

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