Friday, January 28, 2011

How we are doing with 4 little ones...

Well, you may all want to know that things around here are going pretty well. I have had my dad here to help out though and he leaves Sunday. Then I am by myself during the day. Check back with me then.
Drew has been going about 6 hours between feedings at night which is awesome. I usually feed her between 9 & 10 pm and I am in bed between 11 and 12. She then usually wakes up between 4 and 5 am to eat again. She is up during the day about every 4 hours and we have moved her up to eating 4 ounces. She seems to like to "cluster feed" in the evenings which is what (I think) is helping her to sleep for that 6-7 hour stretch during the night.
Her doctor put her on Zantac which has helped a lot with her reflux.
We also switched her formula from Good Start to Enfamil. All my other kids did really well on the Good Start, but the doctor said that there is more sugar in the Good Start which could be part of what was contributing to her gas issues.
Whatever works and helps her to be more comfortable!
I'd pay $50 for a can of formula if it would stop her from having to deal with that awful gas pain!
I think she looks like Riley in this picture. Riley always fell asleep with her hands up like this.
Riley is still a crazy pony loving little girl in case you were worried. Here she has them all carefully lined up to watch a little tv with her. And if anyone dares to touch the ponies, they find themselves to be in big trouble!
Tripp lounging around watching his beloved Max and Ruby.
Drew with her eyes open!
Packed into the minivan! As I look at this, I see that it is about time that I move Cash and Riley to booster seats!
Grandpa Mike and Darin doing a little sewing.
Trying to get a shot of the 4 of them. Drew wasn't liking it too much though so I only got a couple.

We finally got some snow!!! We were very excited that we were finally able to put our boots and snow pants to good use!
We have a little hill in our backyard that was perfect for the kids to sled down. They had so much fun!
This picture cracks me up. Tripp reminded me of the little boy in Christmas Story that can barely move. He was stuffed into that snowsuit and his boots were a little big which made it a little hard for him to move around in all that snow. Here he has his arms up for Grandpa to pick him up. He also kept taking his gloves off all the time so we had to bring him in.
All 3 of them on the sled together.

Making our snowman.

My mom had gotten us a snowman kit a couple years ago that we had never used. That came in very handy and the kids loved it!

They played outside for almost 2 hours and were all worn out.
That didn't stop Riley from wanting to go out again after a little rest.
She even tried putting all her snow gear back on all by herself.
She is definitely one little girl who knows what she wants!

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