Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Back & Burnt

We made it back from our cruise!  It was a lot of fun, but I really missed the kids.  There was one day that I wasn't able to talk to them at all which made me really sad, but a little Miami Vice on the beach helped cheer me up! =)
There was a group of 27 of Darin's coworkers at MHC and their wives/significant others on the cruise.  Everybody was a lot of fun and we were all glad to be enjoying the warm sun on a boat with nothing to do, but get a tan and eat good food!
MHC had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in everyones room which was fun! 

Our stops were Key West and Cozumel.  We walked around Key West and shopped.  We only had a few hours there so we didn't have time to do much except walk around.  We went to Margaritaville and also found the World's Smallest Bar which was fun. 
In Cozumel we went to a private beach and spent the day there.  I got pretty burnt on the first day of the cruise so I didn't do much but sit under the umbrella and read my book.  That was my first vacation in the sun that I actually used sunscreen and sat under the shade instead of frying myself silly and never applying a drop of any protection from those crazy hot sun rays.  I have always been a firm believer in "fry now, the swelling will go down once you get home", but not this time.  This pasty white skin hasn't seen any real sun since I started having kids 4 years ago and I think the shock of my old sun worshipping ways would have been too much to handle.  I swear I used 30 spf and tried to stay a little covered up and I still screamed out in pain later that night (and over the next couple days) when anyone touched my shoulders.  No good.  And now I am home and peeling.
So we had a great time and the kids were good for Grandma and Grandpa.  Thanks again to them for taking care of our babies while we were gone!  We wouldn't have been able to go and enjoy ourselves otherwise!  It takes some special grandparents to drive 15 hours to come stay with their grand babies for a week so their mom and dad can go on a vacation...especially when those babies are 4 under 4 years old!  They had fun going to the zoo, Monkey Bizness, having a birthday party for Aunt Sarah and much more!  I see
 they also acquired a few new toys while we were gone and Tripp seems to think he gets a surprise every hour of the day now.  I think there was some major spoilage going on in the Johnson home.
Oh, and there will be no beach pictures or anything of that nature seen on this blog.  I mean, it was big for me to get in a swimsuit 7 weeks apres baby especially around people I had to see again.  But, I am certainly not about to post those pictures on my blog for all to see.  Nothing like a cruise with a bunch of fit, tan people to get you motivated to start your "loose the baby weight" regime.  Bring on weight watchers and the diastasis recti repair!!!

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