Thursday, March 24, 2011


Drew got a new toy! 
I had some gift cards to Target so I decided she needed a play gym.  I had one for the other kids when they were babies, but had sold it in a consignment sale.  So Drew got a new, pink one all to herself...and she loves it! 

The weather here has been awesome the last few days!  We have had a couple days that hit almost 80 degrees! 
Tripp loves playing outside, eating outside, whatever...he can't get enough of it! 
So do Cash and Riley.
Darin took them to get baseball gloves the other day.  He has been going outside with them when he gets home from work to play catch and practice hitting some balls. 
Don't get me wrong, my kids loved playing in the snow, making snow forts, snowmen, snow angels and going sledding. 
I mean they are products of parents from Iowa & Michigan.
We love the snow.
We love the seasons.
I have to say that I have always loved a big snowstorm.
Although, since I've had kids, I like winter a little less.
Having to bundle up 4 kids everytime we leave the house kinda takes a little joy out of winter for me.
Anyway, back to my point...
They have so much fun now that it is getting warmer and love that spring is here! 
Well, they do and they don't.
I was inside feeding Drew while they were outside playing. 
I took a peek outside to check on them and saw this...

I think they may be missing the snow just a little bit.

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  1. they need something with wheels