Wednesday, March 23, 2011


  I had big dreams of making all these fun green treats with the kids for St. Patrick's Day this year.  We attempted chocolate covered pretzels with green sprinkles first and that was enough for me!  Let's just say that melted almond bark and two 3 year olds makes quite a mess.
They had fun though!

Drew has been really good.  I took her in for her 2 month check up and she weighed just an ounce shy of 12 lbs and was over 23 inches long.  She is around the 75-80% for height and weight which is strange for me since all my kids have always been huge!  Even Riley who was the smallest of all my kids, grew really fast and was in the higher percentiles. 
Drew has a little, tiny head though...only in the 25%.  I figure Cash and Drew take after their dad on that one.  They all have cute, little heads.  Riley and Tripp didn't get so lucky.  They take after me and are blessed with my big headedness...yes, I know.  Not a real word, but you get the point.
One of our friends gave Tripp his Jerry's hat and it fits him like a glove as you will see in the picture below.  Yes, at 2 years old, Tripp can wear the same size hat as a 40 year old man.  We took him into Jerry's not too long ago, Tripp was wearing his hat and the waitress said she didn't realize that they made hats in kids sizes.
I just smiled and said "They don't.  That used to be Mike's hat." poor little buddy. 
My little buddy with a big ole melon! 

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