Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Snake Saturday

I really want to take my kids to the St. Patrick's Day parade tomorrow, but its not really as "kid friendly" as others. Its more of a parade that includes a bunch of people that took work off for the day and want to bar hop along the streets where the parade takes place. Probably not the best environment for 4 little ones under 4 years old!

So instead, my sister and I took them to the Snake Saturday parade down in Brookside this last Saturday. The kids had a lot of fun, we saw some great floats and even got some candy!  I might add that I started bringing my own candy when I take the kids to a parade now. 
 I learned my lesson after last summer during the 4th of July parade when it was a bunch of floats of people running for office who didn't throw out a single piece of anything but paper with" vote for me" on it.  I always associated parades with fun floats and being pelted with Dum Dum's and Double Bubble, but that was then and this is now.  Guess a 500 piece bag of candy is a little more expensive now or something like that. 
So when you have 3 little ones that expect to get some good loot at a parade, its best to bring some back up...unless when the parade is over, you can get those 3 kids in full force meltdown mode all the way to your car which is parked 5 miles away without breaking into a sweat. 
Just a suggestion.

We were all pretty tried after the parade.  When we first moved into our new house we used to find Riley asleep in the hall every night.  She hadn't been doing that in a while until last Saturday after the parade.
We found her asleep like this with some her animals set up around her. 
I like how she put her dog on Bambi's back. 
Pretty cute.

And a thank you to everyone who prayed for little Andrew.  He is already at home recovering which is really remarkable!  I took this picture from their blog because I love it.  It is Andrew and his cousins, Evelyn and Jayden. They are my other cousin, Jason, and his wife, Rachel's children. I think it shows them all perfectly...Andrew with a smile on his face, happy to have his cousins there to visit him.  Jayden holding a dinosaur (we learned when we saw him over the summer, he was a dino lover!) and Evelyn, checking out Andrew's scar.   Everytime we have seen Evelyn at a family get together she is so cute and sweet...just like in this picture.
So anyway...I love it and hope Jen doesn't mind that I "borrowed" it! =)
So keep praying for a speedy recovery for Andrew...and for Craig and Jen! 
You can check out their blog at
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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  1. Aw, thanks Rachel! That was so sweet of you to post that, and I don't mind at all you pulling that picture from our blog! :) I love it, too. Andrew was sooo thrilled to see those kids. They made his whole day and I believe they helped him turn the was because of them that he had motivation to get out of bed and go to the playroom! Too cute. Thanks again for sharing and for the prayers!