Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toy Story 3 on Ice

Darin and I took Cash, Riley and Tripp to see Toy Story 3 on Ice at the Sprint Center.  We loaded them all up in the car and told them we were taking them somewhere special.  We didn't tell them where, just that it was a surprise.  Cash asked if we were going to the zoo, then the mall and then he actually guessed Toy Story on Ice.  I couldn't believe he guessed where we were taking them.  He had seen the commercial on tv about a million times though so I am thinking that is why!  Whatever...they were super excited as you will be able to see in the pictures below!

 This is Cash & Riley when Buzz made his first appearance.  He flew in from the sky!  I have video below as well.  It isn't the best because it was so dark in there and hard to see, but you can hear them and how excited they were. 

 Riley and Cash and their $5 hot dogs!  I mean really...everything at those special events is so jacked up in price it amazes me.  You may opt for the cheap seats, but they will get you on everything else when you get there.  We made it without having to buy any of the million dollar toys they have there, but we all had to have something to eat and drink.  If Grandma Sue would have been the one to take the kids, she would have walked out with about $300 less than she came in with.  She can't say no.

So we had a great time, the kids loved it and Sarah enjoyed her time at home with Drew. 
All is well!!!

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  1. Ok so I saw the title of this post and was like NO WAY!!! I would have almost driven to KC just to take Andrew to that. We took him to the regular Disney on Ice, which he LOVED, but I think he would go NUTS for this! I have looked and I don't think they come to Des Moines! :( Lucky you guys! :) Let me know if it comes again and we may make a road trip and join you!