Friday, December 11, 2009


This past July, Darin and I took our kids to Michigan to visit the Johnson side of our family. We flew with 3 children under the age of two, all their car seats and our suitcases. Big ordeal, but it was worth it of course.
My parents drove from Virginia to Michigan for the weekend and took me and the kids back to Virginia for a visit as well. We had a great time there too. Two vacations in one trip!
While we were in Michigan, we went through some of Grandpa Johnson's things to see what we wanted to take back to Kansas with us. Darin's mom passed away suddenly when I was about 4 months pregnant with the twins. They would have been her first and only grandchildren and she was sooooo excited! She knew we were having twins and said God giving her two grandbabies at one time was God's way of blessing her since her son made her wait 43 years to be a grandma! She didn't know the sex of the babies, nobody did since we didn't find out, but at least she knew about BOTH of them when she died.
So...since Grandma Johnson passed away Grandpa Johnson is always sending us packages of random stuff that he has gone through and thinks we might need or like. Now we were at his house and we could finally go through the stuff ourselves! I found some awesome Christmas dishes that I wanted to have and start using with our kids every year. Some close family friends of ours had always used those dishes at Christmas so it reminded me of when I was younger and Darin's mom had obviously used those same dishes. I thought it would be a nice way to kind of pass on something from their Grandma Johnson to my children since she isn't here to do that herself.
I have the mugs and a couple other pieces so I am thinking that maybe I will start adding to my collection. I want to get the milk and cookies for Santa set this year I think. I would love the dishes too, but we don't usually eat a big Christmas dinner so I probably wouldn't use them that much right now anyway. We are a Christmas appetizer kind of family! I love Christmas, passing on my favorite traditions to my kids and thinking of new ones to start!

So there is the link that I wanted to share. You know...In case someone doesn't know what to get me!!=)

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