Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Good Stuff...

Well, we have been busy here in the Johnson home! We have been putting up the Christmas tree, opening presents already, making Thanksgiving dinner, traveling to Iowa and squeezing in a nap or two in between...well, the kids have anyway! They are so cute and peaceful when they are sleeping, aren't they? Just wait... We put up our little Christmas tree right before Thanksgiving this year because Grandma and Grandpa Nosbisch were coming for the weekend and we were going to have our Christmas with them on Thanksgiving day. They like to see the kids enjoy their presents rather than just sending them in the mail so it worked out great.
Here is Riley helping decorate the tree. She liked to put all her ornaments in a little group. She was very paitent and took her time with her decorating. She loved her "balls" that she picked out for the tree and her Dora ornament.

Cash like it too. He liked his Cars ornament and his Thomas ornament this year. He was a little concerned that we didn't have a star for the top of our tree. We still have to get out and get one. I am thinking I may even let him pick it out. We will see on that one!

Grandma and Grandpa put out the presents while the kids were taking a nap. When they got up and came downstairs, they saw these easels first. Very cute. They are tabletop easels so Tripp can't bother them while they paint, draw with chalk or markers or whatever. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Cash opening his Thomas bridge.

Cash "helping" Tripp open his new truck.
Riley got this cool new Dora Dollhouse which she absolutely loved! She didn't even want to bother with opening anything else once she saw this. She loves it!

On Friday after Thanksgiving we began our road trip to Iowa for the Nosbisch Family Christmas. Cash and Riley rode with Grandpa and Grandma Nosbisch. Here are Tripp and Grandpa Johnson taking a little snooze during the 6 hour trip!

We arrived on Saturday around noon. Here is one little boy that was glad to be out of the car!

Here is Tripp helping his Great Grandma Nosbisch hand out some gifts!

We used to attempt family photos every year, but lately I guess photo time is reserved for the little ones now. Here we are trying to get a photo of Great Grandma and all of her 15 great grandkids. On the other side of the camera are the parents of those 15 children taking pictures. Wish someone would have gotten a picture of that!
We have Libby, Becca, Grady, Bailey, Cash, Great Grandma, Anya, Jack, Jayden, Brooke, Dylan, Ellie, Andrew, Tripp, Riley and Evelyn.
Riley with her dad and cousin Scott who she roped into a little game of Trouble.

The boys playing with, what else, but Thomas the Train.

Grandpa Mike with his new best buddy, Tripp. Tripp LOVED Grandpa and even chose him over his own mother!!! Here they are playing with all the uncles...Lynn, Tim, Don, Granpa with Tripp, Tim and Wayne.

We had a great time and it was good to see everyone, but we had to head back to KC. And oh, what a little apple will do on the road for a screaming one year old! He chewed on that thing for about an hour.

We took Monday to regroup and get some stuff done around the house. On Tuesday, we went to a new place called Little Monkey Bizness. It is the same place we went for Tripp's birthday, but this location is specifically geared towards children under 6 years old. It just opened the day after Thanksgiving. The kids really had a lot of fun. Afterwards we took them to Fritz's. Its a burger and fry joint where you get your food delivered by a train!!! They love Fritz's! It is the one place that I don't have to occupy my children with food while we wait for their meals because they love watching the trains zip around on the track above them. I am going to try to upload a video I took there on another post. I think this post is pretty full already!

Cash got into it and even wore his hat for a little while.

Do I look tired or what? Well, I am and we haven't even got to the good stuff yet!

Tripp loved the trains too!

Sharing an Oreo sundae after lunch.

Now, on to the "good" stuff...
Here is what two little children left alone for a few minutes

and a box of this stuff can do to a room in really less than 5 minutes.
As Riley would say, "mess".

Pretty, huh?!

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