Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...

We have an attempt at a picture of all 3 kids in their Christmas pj's. We were unsuccessful. We have Tripp enjoying some pancakes.
We finally have some snow to play in although Cash and Blue were the only ones who made it out. It was a little too cold and Riley didn't have any boots to wear. Cash woke up, saw the snow and the first thing he said was "I see snow Mama. I want to make snowballs with my hands, okay?" So I let him...for a little while.

And we have a walker on our hands!!!!!! He just really started walking more over the past couple days. I am happy that he is starting to walk more. He gets really excited about it, but I will miss his little monkey crawl when he doesn't do that any longer. He is getting to be a big boy!


  1. I LOVE checking our your blog. Jenni forwarded me the link. I get such a kick out of your kids. They are so cute in their Christmas jammies. You guys will have such a memorable Christmas this year!

  2. Thanks Kasey...I love that you check my blog! They are funny aren't they? I am very excited for Christmas this year. I bet you are too. It'd be awesome if you, me and Jenni could all get together with the kids sometime, someday maybe...=)