Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning and of course we start with the stockings!!!

Now its time to dig into the presents. They were so excited! Cash ripped through most of his presents one right after the other. Riley took her time and played with each one a little before opening her next present.

One of Riley's new favorite things are those Littlest Pet Shop animals. They are pretty cute, but there are a million little pieces and of course each little piece is secured into the box by a teeny, tiny rubber band. Fun.

Here is a picture of Tripp and his new monkey pillow. Cash and Riley have dog pillows that match their dog "jeffies". The "jeffie" (or Angel Dear Blankie which can be found here ... is a little tradition in the Nosbisch family which was started with my niece, Becca. Becca and her sister each have giraffes, Cash and Riley have dogs and Tripp has a bear and a tiger. They all "require" their "jeffies" or "dogs" to go to bed at night. Cash is famous for wearing his around on his head like its a hat or something. At night he says "dog head" because you have to lay the dog over his head at night in just the right position for him to be able to fall asleep. Anyway...the pillows are just a part of the "jeffie" family that my kids love. I couldn't find one to match Tripp's bear or tiger so I got him the monkey since we have always said that he looks like a little monkey when he crawls. I miss his crawling now that he is walking more and more, but I guess we will always have it on video!!!

Opening their doctor kit.

Riley and her new car that she sleeps with every night. Sometimes the "yummy hippo" game still gets to join them, but she HAS to have her car with the dog, the baby and the groceries it came with.

Enjoying a Christmas ring pop early in the morning. Special treats on Christmas Day right?!

When Cash ran out of presents to open he started forcing Tripp to open his.
More ring pops.

Spending the day just playing with cars...

and trains...

wearing Christmas socks...

and shoveling a bunch of snow (in shorts, don't ask and yes, it was very cold)...
all make for a very merry Christmas!!!
Now off to the Ronald McDonald House in Topeka to drop off the donations we received in honor of Tripp's birthday! It is only about a two hour drive there and back so pray for happy travelers!


  1. What a fun Christmas! They are so adorable- REALLY adorable! We have an elf on the shelf too named Whimsy. What's yours?

  2. Thanks Kasey. As are always so nice with your comments! =) Our elf has a elf. I gave them all these cute names, but that is the one that they call him whenever they find him. They are still pretty young to get that whole deal so maybe next year they will give him a different name. We will see. I like Whimsy. That's cute!