Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wedding Fun

My cousin, Laura was married a couple weeks ago in Iowa.
She had her reception here...
The Saints Center used to be a church that was set on fire by an arsonist in 1995.
They restored the building and now use it for weddings, receptions and other events.
The Saints Center is so pretty and I wish I would have know the history behind the building before we went.
I took Riley, Tripp and Drew with me to the reception while Darin stayed home with Cash.
Darin coaches Cash's t-ball team and they had their first game that weekend.
So 3 of our kids had fun dancing the night away while Cash and his dad had a little bonding time.

My dad with my cousin, Laura.

The boys waiting for their turn to dance with the bride!

Tripp was quite the dancer. He would walk over to random people and want them to spin him around. He cut in between a few different couples while they were dancing and even had a small group of women listening to his instructions on when they could and could not dance.
He can be a little bossy. =)

Tripp really felt at home dancing with anyone that would take him, but he did have his favorite partner, little Miss Ellie.
Her mom is my cousin which would make Ellie and Tripp second cousins.
She is sweet and they were too cute.

Grandpa dancing with Riley and Drew.

A family wedding is a great event and I do enjoy getting to catch up with everyone.  Unfortunately, with 3 little ones running around, I didn't quite get in the amount of catching up I would have liked to, but the kids had so much fun.  They danced and played with all their cousins all night.  We made it until about 10:30 pm and then I had to get them back to the hotel before we had major meltdowns.  They would have stayed there forever and I hated to drag them away.
Til next time Nosbisch Fam...


  1. OMgosh, your mom and dad look great! How in the world did you manage to take two.TWO. pics of your mom?!?!

    I have not even finished reading this post because I had to comment immediately on your mom being photographed. :) She should let you take her picture more often, she's so pretty!

  2. Hi Rachel. I really enjoyed your new posts- yay for a new computer! Your kids are becoming so grown up and are completely adorable. You look so pretty in the wedding pictures. Keep 'em coming!
    We have been contemplating our summer vacation with the kids and are thinking about Kansas City. We have already been to worlds of fun, oceans of fun and were wondering if there were lots of other fun things to do in KC. I thought you would be the girl to ask! Any fun tips? Thanks!!

  3. Hey Kasey! Thanks and I asked Jenni for your info so I can send you some things to do while you are in KC. When are you guys coming?