Monday, May 14, 2012

Riley and The Rash

Riley is a new found lover of peanut butter.  Just straight, put it on a paper plate so she can eat it with her finger, lover of peanut butter.
So after about 3 days of peanut butter at every meal, when she woke up with this mysterious rash. I thought the worst.
The rash started out on her leg and a little on her arms and back.
After a short visit to the doctor, we were told that it probably wasn't a peanut allergy, but they had no idea what it was from.
I was glad to hear it wasn't because of her new favorite food, but I really needed to know what it was from because I obviously did not want it to come back!

The rash went away, but it came back that evening with a vengeance!
Poor Riles.
She was so itchy.
I was a little nervous so I slept with her that night.  We did wake up around 3 am for another dose of Benadryl and some Cortizone cream.

Her rash came and went like that over a period of 3 days so I called an allergist so we could try and figure this deal out!
They did their test and we are happy to say that she is not allergic to any foods!
She is, on a scale of 1-4 with a 4 being highly allergic, allergic to cats, ragweed and a weed mix at a 4 and dogs and grass at a 2.
The doctor said she could still have a dog, but maybe a low dander breed would be best for her. She can still go to houses that have cats if we need to, but that she should take her medicine and try to keep her away from loving on the kitties.
They are also treating her for reflux.
She takes a pill every morning that has seemed to help cut down on her tummy aches and they said should help with her ear infections.
I know, it sounds strange, but he explained it to me in the office and it does make sense.
I can't explain it, but it sounded good!
We will see if it does help with the ear infections or not the next time she gets a cold.
Oh and the rash, he said that her rash was a result of a virus.

After all that, I made Cash and appointment with the allergist as well.
He is on 4 breathing treatments a day with 2 different allergy medicines and they said they could help me simplify that plan.
Turns out he is not allergic to anything!
He does have asthma.
They put him on a new inhaler with a chamber that only takes about 30 seconds to do versus the 6+ minutes/4 times a day that the breathing treatments took.

SO....after a few trips to the doctor and a McDonalds run to reward their bravery, we are all breathing better around here! 

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